PowerBar by Consumer Perspective

Nice video Leslie 👌


Had another visit from Consumer Perspective this week. We are working on several projects together. This is one of his latest productions.

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Dark Paradise

Another winner here Andrew love your writing it just flows like a mountain stream 👌🌟

The Lonely Author

A tropical paradise plagued by power outages.

A serial killer strikes when the lights go out.

An American cop too proud to admit he is afraid of the dark.

Raised in an orphanage, Mike Archer often found himself locked in a dark closet. Thirty years later he chased a drug lord into a dark alley and barely survived a bloody ambush. One year and four gunshot wounds later, he is hired by a friend to stop “El Diablo,” (the Devil) a serial killer responsible for the deaths of nine teens. Can Archer venture into the darkness?

To stop the devil, Michael Archer must overcome the demons within himself.


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A Faded Man

Nice writing again Andrew keep up the good work. 🌟

The Lonely Author

A Faded Man

A faded man with dulled glories from yesterday

no planning for tomorrow just living for today

fractured remembrances he can no longer view

strange faces replaced the family that he knew

memories erased from the chalkboard of his mind

leaving no recollection of the wife he left behind

Inspiration is all around us. I recently viewed (for the umpteenth time) a wonderful movie based on a book (The Notebook) from one of my favorite authors, Nicholas Sparks.  It reminded me of Nancy Reagan and the sad end to President Ronald Reagan’s glorious life.

Today, coincidentally, is the thirtieth anniversary of the first meeting between Reagan and Gorbachev.

One other note: We don’t have to wait for Thanksgiving to be grateful.

Keep writing.


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Storia illustrata

De Gladiool

Live and death is like the four seasons …

Life is but a passing fancy and death is the end of all things that provided that thought 🌟



Live and death is like the four seasons …

Living with the smallest expression; breathing, death; to breathe … to live is to explore the world, is trying to recognize the beauty and ugliness of life. Death is an unknown and leave behind all they know. Living sometimes go sometimes and sometimes come to start again. Death can move us to say goodbye to our happy or unhappy can separate us from the world … Life, we are to love, will experience feelings of hatred and death can separate us what we liked, but there are also differences in life. Death may be a stranger to us the smell of loved ones, loved ones may not be a stranger to us that we can love and eternal separation punished. Death, summer heat, winter cold, spring and autumn air, the sadness does not give any importance. Life, smile, cry and to…

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The ultimate seduction the ability to use words to control the thoughts and thus make certain people follow their path – Naughty but Nice xoxo 💕