Matica’s Dreams #5

You have heard the phrase all good plans of mice and men – well this comment refers to just that I got the new feeds in publishing panel and started to add posts – first WP adds update and links do not work. Next l try to add your posts again after relinking again great and WP updates again – so here’s is the plan reblog to Friends site and full post in the latest feeds now WP updated again today.
How boring you think but also still working on linking up all my sites to one place.
Wish me luck with the adding to sales and authors all the posts in full – hope parachute opens 😀

10 Ways To Be Grateful Even On Bad Days

I am truly grateful for all that l have and today makes me even more grateful for truly #Donnamazing post that l decided to reblog on friends news and – wait for it full post on Social & Media later – well you cannot get too much of a #Donnamazing posts – 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟


1grateful1Life is full of good things and bad things.

Sometimes good things go bad.

Sometimes bad things go good.

Sometimes a bit of both.

The good stuff doesn’t always make the bad stuff easier to take, but the bad stuff doesn’t always ruin the good stuff either.

We should try to be grateful for the good stuff, especially when there’s bad stuff.

We Could Be Grateful For:

1. Family and friends. The memory of family and friends. The possibility of family and friends.

2. Knowledge, free will, and finding respectful ways to agree to disagree.

3. Enjoying what you have, instead of always thinking about what you want.

4. Remembering both the good times and the bad – and not living in either.

5. Enjoying the everyday things. Life isn’t about the big moments.


6. Finding happiness, peace, or contentment, especially by making others happy, peace-filled, or contented.

7. Life…

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Storia illustrata (2)

Storia illustrata (1)

to be a winged bird- Deutsch: Bernd Hutschenreuther

Really nice Hollie and just love the cello player and his string quartet 🌟


Scars of life are the scars of experiences and love lost and found and sometimes lost again but ever constant in your heart. Speaks volumes with out saying a word. ☕️☕️ from my ❤️


Know you can 😻


Really nice writing Andrew and always a pleasure to share to the friends and followers Ian 🌟

The Lonely Author

On the two year anniversary of Lisa’s disappearance, Detective Jake Cross vows to quit the force to find his missing wife. Hours later, a devastating alien invasion reduces Earth to ashes. Jake awakens in a strange hospital where a secret message on a paper cup advises him, “They are watching.” Thus begins his journey through an alien controlled Earth.

Seven billion dead, yet his heart only mourns for one. Jake joins forces with the last human colony, a somber community reeking of death. Battle weary survivors wander the underground city, their eyes devoid of hope. The humans have food, medicine, and ammunition to survive another week. Anointed the Great Liberator, our last hope, Jake is advised, “Our destiny is decided by the sacrifices that we make and the ones that we don’t.” The reluctant detective rejects his fate until he learns of his wife’s capture and impending execution.

In a deadly race against time, he…

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Power Plant Blackbirds and Smokestack Jumpers

Power Plant Men

Originally posted November 16, 2013:

Most of us have watched the Alfred Hitchcock Thriller “The Birds” at least once in their life. When I was young it used to come on TV around Thanksgiving about the same time that Wizard of Oz would rerun. What a mix of movies to watch after eating turkey in one of our Italian relative’s house in Kansas City as I was growing up. During those years of sitting passively by watching the birds gang up on the humans, it never occurred to me that some day I might take part in my own private version of “Blackbird Wars” amid the playground equipment found in a typical Coal-fired Power Plant in North Central Oklahoma.

Blackbirds in Alfred Hitchcock's "Birds" Blackbirds in Alfred Hitchcock’s “Birds”

A tale like this is best starts out with the line, “It was a cold and windy night…” That was close. My story begins with, “It…

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Goya, The Portraits at the National Gallery

Nice post and nice to see you back Ian 😀

First Night Design

Portrait of Antonia Zarate, about 1805

Francisco Goya y Lucientes (1746-1828) ranks with Velasquez at the pinnacle of Spanish painting. Best known today for his compelling depictions of the brutality of war and the disturbing intensity of his images of witches, he was also a prolific portrait picture. It is these portraits which are the subject of this large and expansive exhibition.

Goya came to portrait painting in his 30s but quickly established a reputation which…

Source: Goya, The Portraits at the National Gallery

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