A perfect combination for Jesus he need to Gold to pay to get out of Egypt and away from the Pharoah an 😇 told Mary and Joseph he needed Myrh as a herb for the food and frankincense as an oil for the body as it is holy. Amen

I AM A MYSTERY…to myself

I am a mystery to others l have been told by many people, so it make me able to understand you ☕️☕️ for 2 Good morning 🌹

KEEP♣WHINING…said the witch

So if l keep whining what will you do to me ?


We all have strength but l only found my real strength through humility and caring for others the more l read about you the more l understand you 💕

FEATURED: Modesty is part of faith and faith is in Paradise…/…Hayâ imandandır ve İman sahibi cennettedir…/…Holy Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him ♥

semras-world 23

“In hijab I felt myself different. I felt myself purified and protected. I felt the company of Allah. As a foreigner, I felt sometimes uneasy in a public place, stared by men. With hijab, I was not seen. I found that the hijab sheltered me from such impolite stares. I was also very happy and proud in hijab which is not only the sign of my obedience to Allah but also the manifestation of my faith…besides, the hijab helps us to recognize each other and to share the feeling of sisterhoods. The hijab has also the advantage of reminding the people around me that God exists and reminding me of being with God. It tells me: “be careful. You should conduct yourself as a Muslim” As a policeman becomes more conscious of his profession in his uniform, I had a stronger feeling of being Muslim with hijab.

Soon, I started to put the hijab before my going out from the house whenever I went to the Mosque. It was a spontaneous and voluntary act and no body forced me to do so….

…For me…it was a trial to live in a small town in Japan, isolated completely from Muslims, But such isolation helped me to intensify my consciousness of being a Muslim. As Islam prohibits the women to disclose the body and to wear clothes which accentuate the body line, I had to abandon many of my clothes such as mini-skirts and half-sleeve blouses. Besides, the Western style fashion does not match with the hijab. I decided, therefore, to make a dress by myself. I asked a friend of mine who knew dress-making to help me, and in two weeks I made a dress with a “pantaloon” after the model of a “Pakistani dress”. I did not mind people looking at my strange “fashion”.“

-Sister Khula, a Japanese convert/revert to Islam

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