tattoo_2-wallpaper-1680x1050at midnight the ceremony begins I light a single black candle while some very sharp incense of myrrh burns

the year grows dark
in the dark of the moon
my mind grows dark
in the dark of the moon

I become the face of silence unmoving nothing much left of light

I dare to breath…

and challenge myself to speak a single word

all the while there is an echo of mad laughter going on in my head

nature gives me its gift of vision as the hues of every earthly bird sings a place where I see beyond the window

the autumn leaves bare no warmth as they cover my flesh bearing the truth to me as I sit among the ruins of summer…
The Dark of the Moon for November is upon us

Light a Black Candle this Evening after daylight has been put to Bed

Sit quietly placing your Writing Paraphernalia where you are comfortable

Good Olde Fashion Pen and Paper or write in your Journal

Burn some Incense that is your favorite scent do some deep meditating breathing

If you like try Frankincense to unlock the Spiritual Plane

Release your Mind…

With Pen in Hand let the Pen move across the Paper

You may find that you are not making words…letters or making sense…at least at that momenttattoo_2-wallpaper-1680x1050
But simply keep going in the glow of the Candles Light

Candle Flickers
Candle Burns
Candle Lights your Way

Time to Tap into your deepest Self follow it

Touch that Magickal Place that surrounds you

I begin to Feel Strange
I have so many Questions
As I just let it Flow


Thoughts not Complete
Sentences not Finished
Paragraphs left Unsaid

All in the Dark of the November Moon

I wrote til the Candle burned down for now I shall close this Chapter returning on the Evening of the New Moon when I will Read it put it together piece by piece then it will all make sense 💜 that is when my Chapter will be Completed!


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