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He is my recipe of ingredients for you ❤️ 🍾👠🌂🌹xoxo


By daylight my kitchen counter becomes my witchcraft alter as I prepare to start cooking I focus on what feelings I want to invoke into those who eat the food even if the only one that eats the food is Me

Let me look in my pantry to find more than enough of all the magickal ingredients I need to whip up a spell for any occasion

…and in this kitchen I do pray to truly walk the Witches’ Way…

The kitchen is a place to create powerful magick

Here are a few ingredients easily found in the kitchen and what powers they contain

SUGAR- love

LEMON- health


ONION- protection

CARROT- virility

GARLIC- banish

TEA- courage

SALT- grounding

APPLE- erotic

AVOCADO- beauty

BREAD- life

I begin to mix and blend to dash and stir use the ingredients to my advantage

Make a spell or perhaps a potion there is magick in everything you eat…

Keeping those magickal thoughts in my mind I begin with lighting a candle visualize then I cook away

I will stir deosil in this bowl to send protection to my soul ♣ wooden spoon widdershin turn erotic energy in this food will burn

bread is never ever wasted it is not tossed in the trash can

Make bread crumbs with the bread or bread pudding or do what I do and feed it back to nature to the birds and squirrels…

To throw away bread is bad luck

After the food is prepared with my broom I do sweep to clean my kitchen for crafting to keep

Original Article: https://hocuspocus13.wordpress.com/2015/11/05/you-are-what-you-eat/

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