“Four people were in the car and only one survived,” Cst. Donnie Robertson – New Brunswick

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Impaired driving is the number one criminal cause of death in Canada. RCMP officers are often the first on the scene at motor vehicle crashes and see how tragic the decision to drink and driving really is. They also see the hurt families experience when they’ve learned that a loved one has died.

RCMP officers from Atlantic Canada recall the crashes that have had an impact on them and also on the people and communities involved. These stories are personal accounts of what happened. The memories of these fatal crashes stay with the police officers, it’s the reality of what happens when a person drinks and drives.

Driving drunk is a choice. These officers hope that by sharing their stories a life or lives can be saved.

Cst. Donnie Robertson – New Brunswick

“In policing we are trained to expect the unexpected, to always be alert and to always be…

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