Venus Conjunct Mars 2015-11-02 (Kite + Rosettas)

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Venus Conjunct Mars 2015-11-02 (Kite + Rosettas)

Yesterday’s Thor’s Hammer (and Mystic Rectangle) disappears, the Moon moves into Leo, and the work week begins.  You did, or did not do, what you intended yesterday.  You accomplished, or did not accomplish, what you intended yesterday.  Today is a new day, the Moving Finger has writ, and you must move forward.  Fortunately, you may see an opportunity that compels you to do just that.  We do recommend that (in the United States) you use Monday morning for housecleaning / organization and wait until afternoon to more fully launch.  If you are signing papers, wait as late as possible in the work day, or better yet wait until the early evening, to do this.

A Kite (the pattern associated with windows of opportunity) is present in the chart of perfection for Venus Conjunct Mars today.  Also present are TWO Rosetta aspects.  We associate…

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