💕- A – 🔥- If you cooperate (soft erotica) 💋

Across from you, I lift my face and exhale.

Cigarette smoke breathes softly from my

throat and escapes my parted lips

in thin ghostly trails.

Impassively, your dark eyes follow.

I wonder what is going on inside you.

You assure me there is just the two of us.

With slightly raised brow, my skirt shifts highter,

lingering half-way a naked foot slips to the floor.

Deliberately you sip your drink slowly.

Leaning in slightly, a spagetti straps sinks

below my shoulder, candle light teases

the half moon of a breast.

Suddenly serious, you glide your hand along

my thigh.

You might forget your other lover

if only you will cooperate.

Filed under: Poetry

Original Article: https://aheartafire.wordpress.com/2015/10/31/if-you-cooperate/

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