❤ A 🔥 – Blogger Recognition – 🍾

Thank you Elisabet Regina. It is an honor to be included in your selection of nominees for this lovely award. wpid-screenshot_2015-11-01-08-04-21_1.jpg

Elisabet Regina resides at https://ercloudwalker.wordpress.com/, a beautifully unique and inspiring site that I highly recommend.

The criteria for this award:

Post an image of award

Thank the person and the blog and link them to your post

Briefly explain how your blog got started

Give a piece of advice to fellow bloggers:

Have fun! Enjoy yourself and use your blog for what you intended, don’t concern yourself with pleasing others. It is your blog. Don’t abandon or restrict your creativity for anyone. Of course, creativity is not a license to harm or hurt anyone.

Nominate 15 more bloggers of the award and notify them

I am foregoing the nomination of fifteen other bloggers and inviting all of you to accept this award as recognition and appreciation of your contribution to a brighter world; the gift of beauty, inspiration, and enlightenment.

Thank you so much, I am delighted to be included Elisabet Regina.

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