Power Plant Millennium Experience

Power Plant Men

I suppose most people remember where they were New Year’s Eve at midnight on Saturday, January 1, 2000.  That is a night I will never forget.  Some people were hiding in self-made bunkers waiting for the end of the world which never came, others were celebrating at home with their families and friends.  I suppose some people went on with their lives as if nothing was different that night.  Not my family.  My wife and two children spent the night at the Power Plant waiting to see if all of the testing we had performed the last two years had covered all possible failures of the Y2K scare.

A small group of Power Plant Men had been chosen to attend a party with our families in the main conference room at the Power Plant.  All the food and drinks were supplied by the company.  Our Plant Manager, Bill Green was…

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…as for NYC

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Storia illustrata

The Rose of Black is Sacred by swo8 Blues Jazz lyrics by Shelby Cortland


cave people

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House of Heart

Tonight in my nest of stones I have not slept.

My neighbors argue over how to spend life

as it slips to the  base of the hour glass

with no  warning that the last grains are  falling or that

too many  have already passed through its narrow neck.

It seems sensible to be there for the short time allowed.

I endure the boredom of my dark cave expecting metaphors

to fall  into my begging palm like coins in a vagrants cup.

Empty handed in the unkempt night I waste my own life

rearranging derelict books to decay eventually in a forsaken attic.

Plundering through their pages, I console myself,

looting them with my intrusive mind.


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