Post6 926: National Black Cat Day today~!

Here as mine not nearly as nice as yours 😺

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I celebrate black cats every day, but there is one day of the year it is official: Yes, today is National Black Cat Day! 

If you follow this blog, you know Andy and Dougy stand in well as ambassadors for the black cats of this world. They are my joy. They make me laugh!

Dougy's exhausted from all these decisions! Poor kitty!!

They are ornery, but I always forgive them.

Yes, that's the wastepaper basket in the kitchen, a favorite one for the kitties to knock over.

They get me up before the cows come home to “feed the kitties”, then they go back to bed after they eat.


They are affectionate but don’t want to be held too long because they have important cat business to take care of, always! When they are really magnanimous, they let me play with them!

Dougy (on left) in his box; Andy in his. The boys worked it out, then Dougy ran off on cat business, leaviong both boxes to Andy. More about that tomorrow!

They are my little buddies! I look forward to seeing them first thing when I wake up each morning, and having them around me all day.

I’m not alone in my enthisiasm for…

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