replacewallpapers_300_73_20141203_1163821513In my Life I have Lived I have escaped Death
I have Loved I have been Alone
I have Won and I have Lost

I’ve Trusted I’ve made Mistakes
I am Strong at times I’ve been Weak

I Laugh I Cry I Walk I Dream
I have tried Again I have given Up

I have been Burned and Broken
I have been Captured I have been set Free

Humble yet Confident
Tender yet Tenacious
Gracious yet Wild

I am proud of my Heart
Content with my Soul

A Child of God A Woman of Faith
Nothing can break my Spirit

But most of all I have Learned…

🌑 FULL MOON NIGHT 🌑 jinxx xoxo 🌑

Original Article: https://hocuspocus13.wordpress.com/2015/10/27/in-my-life/

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