rooks_house_pumpkin_holiday_halloween_skulls_dark_skull_2024x1288♠there is magick tonight on this evening of the Dark of the Moon♠

gilly weed and witches powder
chant of the dark we sing louder

perfume air pinch of newt
candy apples nuts and dried fruit

3 perfect wishes sprinkle of trouble
fire burns cauldron begins to bubble

touch of power a dash of star dust
stir in nightmares a nail of rust

snake oil spider legs and pumpkin seeds
tonight beware of the witches deeds

haunting horror lurks on the woods
hidden about in cloaks and hoods

follow the screams the sounds of the night
tonight we gather and fly at midnight


1/4 cup chopped fresh basil leaf and put it in a lidded glass jar

pour rubbing alcohol to the top to cover the basil leaf and lid the jar

basil must be covered with liquid or it will mold if that happens toss it out and start over

shake it well

store in a cool dry place and steep for 3 days before use

straining not necessary

used for insect bites ~ rattlesnake bites ~ the sting of the scorpion ~ acne ~ skin irritation ~ rash ~ warewolf bites ~ mad dogs

dab a bit on a cloth or cotton ball and gently rub on affected area


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