FEATURED: ‘ Giving healing a Name ‘

#AceFriendsNews – October. 23: Time to give healing a Name !
Souldier Girl / Souldiergirl

My heart is mending today

My eyes, rest behind glasses
…taking their place

My lips swollen from attempting to make sense

of something

…that can never be named

or understood

And that

…is ok

I tugged my heart out and laid it at your feet

…showing you what I need

You shook your head and walked away

God’s whispering to follow this lead

“Please take my stubborn soul and guide me”

…I plead!

Kneeling until I could feel my bones

Carving creations into the pavement

I stood and saw

A butterfly with a halo

…a sign of love from my angel daughter

A dragon with his claws out

…a transferred protection, my brothers mark

An auburn wolf with eyes like mine

…a reflection of my inner courage

Decorating me like a glittering thesis

The bowtie completing her writing

The endless essay of my life and timing

Words trail me like the train of a wedding dress

Lifting me to redemption from the mess

As the grey erases

…in the sunshine of significance

I see I am not alone in this!

And you are all standing with me


in a circle of opened hands


a fluttering wild soul

We are giving healing a name,


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Love and Words (and Literature)

Thanks for following #AceTweetNewx thought this post was perfect for friends news. I personally love knowledge and especially word construction they would have called me a wordsmith years ago as l have spent hours dissecting language.

Paper Ears 

I am a good listener so talking through your posts helps me to hear your ❤️ and makes me get closer to understanding your soul 😇

Souldier Girl

I needed to get back

To the lab again

Alone with paper and pen

All these emotions

Shooting through me

In an unannounced current

Of electricity

Keeping me up turning

The spin of the ballerina in that box

Hearing the music of my own

…melodic thoughts

Like a deer in the woods

Frolicking and evading

The hunters postured in each direction

The compass behind my eyes

Faithfully guided me to a covered protection

To transfer the impulses from


…to out

All I needed to do was




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Gallery Pantai Indah NTT, Warna Yang Berlapis Seperti Warna Bendera (Gallery Of NTT’s Beautiful Beaches, Coated Color As The color Of A flag)


Pernahkah anda melihat sebuah bendera?, tentu pernah dan bahkan diwajibkan untuk menjaganya dan mempertahankan bendera tersebut apalagi bendera Negara. Pada kesempatan kali ini, saya tidak membahas masalah warna bendera namun mengajak anda untuk berjalan – jalan ke beberapa pantai Indah di Nusa Tenggara Timur yang memiliki warna berlapis seperti sebuah bendera jika kita perhatikan secara seksama.

Have you ever seen a flag ?, of course yes and even a mandatory thing to keep and keep up the flag especially the flag of the State. On this occasion, I do not discuss more about the color of the flag, but I will invite you to see some of beautiful beaches in East Nusa Tenggara where having layered color like a flag when you see to it carefully.


Seperti melihat sebuah bendera, komposisi warna langit dan awan pada lapisan pertama, kemudian warna bukit dan hutan serta warna laut dan pantai pada lapisan…

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I’d rather go blind – Beth Hart

Really like Jeff Beck nice post ! 👍

First Night Design | “I blame Edgar Allan Poe for all this Halloween…”

Really great post Sarah as usual 🌷

First Night Design

The Cynical Halloween Raven  © Sarah VernonThe Cynical Halloween Raven Greeting Cards © Sarah Vernon

Some fun for all us cynics at Halloween. The bird is from The Graphics Fairy and the words are mine own!

And here are few others made in earlier years to choose from.


Take care and keep laughing!


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It’s that magical time again as 🍂Autumn draws in and time to be cosy and warm – with coughs and colds this seems the perfect recipe to ward them off.
I always give my feelings time grow but being who l am l find it difficult to express my to other people how l feel. Being hurt does that and being kind to everyone makes me vulnerable and easy prey – so l guard my ❤️ from being hurt again.

Have a magical weekend lots of hugs and kisses now and always xoxo 🌹

City Repair Project: Portland Gems and Growing Pains

Really nice read as a stranger to the area l can visualise the place perfectly thanks Ian 👍

The 15A part 2

Part 2 friends is as good neigh better than part one if that is at all possible another #AceMustRead 👌 Nice one John 😀

RENCONTRE Dimanche 25 Octobre 2015


Philatélie et Collections du Jacquemard

ANNEE 2015-2016
dimanche 25 Octobre 2015


LA SEMAINE BLEUE du 12 au 18 octobre 2015 – nous avons pris le parti de remettre cela en 2016
Le Facteur ROULIN par Solange CHAFFARD cette conférence fut répétée à la Maison de Retraite de Villeneuve- de Lambesc

Dates à garder en MEMOIRE :
LE CHALLENGE DU JACQUEMARD 14 & 15 Novembre 2015 .Nous sommes PRESQUE PRET…il n’y aucun problème pour apporter ses velléités-suivies ! cela va de soi ???

Un programme de ces deux journées est presque bouclé.
la Municipalité a donné son accord de principe et……
Un Défilé de « VIEUX TRACTEURS » dans les rue de notre village est programmé.
Le circuit sera indiqué très prochainement qu’on se le dise !!!

LE CONGRES PHILATELIQUE 2016 le travail n’est pas…

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