– 19 – Fotoreportage in Roemenië – Photo reportage in Romania

Really great love these old crafts 👌 Regards Ian

Emmanuel Schotte Manuscripten


Opgepast voor de vingers !

Beware of your fingers!

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Beautiful picture added with beautiful words a really nice post #AceMustRead 👌

First Night Design | #PhotoRehabCoverMakeover #16 Dark Side of the Moon

This truly is amazing just love Pink Floyd especially their rendition of another brick in the wall – you see you already started writing that book on how to say thank you – this post says it all 🌹

First Night Design

Buy The Dark Side of the Moon by Pink FloydBuy The Dark Side of the Moon by Pink Floyd

It’s Week 16 of the Photo Rehab Cover Makeover run by Desley Jane of Musings of a Frequent Flying Scientist and Lucile of Lucile de Goday,

#photorehabcovermakeover Week 16 Dark Side of the Moon #photorehabcovermakeover Week 16 Dark Side of the Moon

A makeover for The Dark Side of the Moon by Pink Floyd? Sacrilege, I thought. How could I ignore such an iconic image and do my thing for a breathtaking album that epitomizes my teenage years? I have a vivid memory of when I first heard it. I was with a boy in his bedroom and we were about fifteen. We did a little fumbling but nothing to worry the parents or the Mrs Whitehouse brigade. And we listened to the album. Loudly. Very. Bliss was it in that afternoon to be alive.

Desley and Lucile gave us a choice: Dark Side or Division Bell, another Pink…

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Seorang Anak Kecil Dan Kuda Kesayangannya (A Small Child And his Beloved horse)


Tuhan menciptakan segala sesuatu dengan ukuran-Nya yang harmonis, dan yang paling prinsip dalam ukuran Tuhan ini adalah sebuah keseimbangan. Maka banyak contoh yang bisa kita tunjukan, jika ciptaan Tuhan  keluar dari ukuran keseimbangan yang telah diciptakan.  Mulai dari penciptaan galaksi yang maha luas beserta alam semesta hingga sampai pada benda terkecil dari benda-benda lainnya yand ada yang dikenal dengan nama atom. Semuanya sesuai dengan ukuran. Tidak lebih. Dan tidak kurang.

God created everything with a measure of his harmonic, and the most principles in God’s size is a balance. So many examples that we can show, if the creation of God changed to out of the size of the balance that has been created. Ranging from creation of galaxies and their vast universe to arrive at the smallest objects known as the atom. All under the size. No more. And no less.

anak kecil dan kudanya1

Berjalan – jalan mengelilingi Pulau Sumba, menemukan sebuah…

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Pasteltekeningen uit het boek ” De Openbaring” van John Astria



Here’s another great poem from John #AceMustRead

Back to Plain Ol’ Power Plant Back Pain

From what l can establish Kev it is from an old nursery rhyme and based on a children’s game of who ever stood on a crack in a pavement was out until one was left and was declared the winner. Regards Ian

Power Plant Men

Originally posted October 18, 2014.

Does anyone know where the phrase, “Step on a Crack, Break Your Mother’s Back” came from? I’m sure there is a story behind that one. Maybe even a lot of different origins. I can distinctly remember a day in the Power Plant when a Power Plant Man stepped on a crack and broke his own back.

I remember looking out of the seventh floor window of my friends dorm room when I was a freshman in college watching students returning from classes about 6 months before the Power Plant Man broke his back. I was watching closely to see if any of them were purposely missing the cracks as they walked down the sidewalk toward the entrance. Out of about 20 people two of them purposely stepped over every crack in the sidewalk.

In the post “Power Plant Safety is Job Number One”…

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You must have felt so warm and cuddly like being in the arms of Angel 😇

Storia illustrata

He looks so innocent 😀


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