I am your Music Box 

Just beautiful words from a beautiful ❤️ spoken by a beautiful person with beautiful soul – nice to hear your voice so soft and gentle just like you 🌹

Souldier Girl

Inspired by Eric and Chrissy, this is a vocal piece. Please click on the link below to hear this piece in my own words ❤️

I am your music box…

I am your music box

And my heart is your ballerina

Spinning in the direction of your light

Twirling in the presence of your love

With my arms above my head

Reaching high for you

Chin up

To the sky

I am your music box

And you…are the reason why

My heart is your ballerina

Dancing to the sunshine of your orchestra

Do not you know

I was once in the dark?

But your love has opened

my soul

And moved the ballerina

Inside my heart

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