Ghost and gardens of Qalat


svetlana baghawan maverickbirdMy last visit to Shiraz had been all about luxuriating in the fragrant air, mellow evenings and experiencing finer insights of an Iranian household. Tiam’s house had been a wonderful old building stuffed with ornate furniture, memory marked rooms and her mother’s hand woven carpets. Our every post lunch and before siesta ritual had been to group inside their pretty little garden, check out if the grapes and sour oranges were right for picking and watch her mother weave flowers into fuzzy carpets.

Shiraz effortlessly made people lethargic and the big Iranian lunches and doog were designed for siesta lovers. Thus it had been no wonder that in just few minutes, we would all be softly snoring on the half finished carpets as the splendid city outside, also snoozed away to glory. Thus had continued our gentle Shirazi pace and it had been very relaxing, even for a restless traveler…

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