Race recap: Berlin Marathon 2015

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Single-tracked Mind

The post-vacation serotonin crash is in full effect. After 2.5 amazing weeks abroad, I’ve had some time to reflect on one of the most enjoyable races I’ve ran, and I’m pleased to share that I hit my goal of setting a new PR. Here’s how it went down:

Soaking in a great race! Soaking in a great race!

The Buildup 
The Berlin Marathon was years in the making. Like many other runners, I one day aspire to tick off all six majors, and my dream scenario for Berlin was a combination of the race and Oktoberfest to celebrate my 30th birthday (September 15th).
The planning stages kicked into high gear around this time last year when the 2015 lottery opened. Taylor, my sister, her fiancé and I all put our names in the hat, but much to our dismay, we all came up empty handed. Without hesitation, Taylor and I secured a race entry through Marathon Tours…

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