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Mask – Uerading

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Life As An Art Form

micIt’s throwback Thursday
so I wrote a rhyme
to take you way
back through my time

Venture with me
if you will
while I make your time
stand still

When girls rocked braids
instead of locs
when boys spit lyrics
on the blocks

When nerds like me
remained inside
‘cuz carryin’ books
was cause for chiii…ding
anyone who dared to be
a different personality

Street prophets
moved with swag
dismissed the beauty
that they had

yet full of fright
miiight … ier
but playing small
afraid of what would be their fall

halfway playing strong
scared to death
without a throng

This poem’s just for them
the original rude boys an ’em

playing hard
scared that I might pull their card
out here on dis’ boulevard

Dare I beat them
at their game
dare I make them
forget their name

A girl can’t win
nah uh

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– 11 – Fotoreportage in Roemenië – Photo reportage in Romania



Hout is nog een belangrijk materiaal voor verwarming in Roemenië, men ziet dan ook overal houthakkers aan het werk.

Wood is still an important material for heating in Romania, one sees everywhere woodcutters at work.

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Muslims, mohamedanen of islamieten?

Art on Tuesday: October – Autumn Tints

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When Power Plant Durability and Automation Goes Too Far

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Power Plant Men

Everyone expects when they enter an elevator and push a button for the 3rd floor that when the doors open they will find themselves on the third floor. It doesn’t occur to most people what actually has to happen behind the scenes for the elevator to go through the motions of carrying someone up three stories. In most cases you want an automated system that requires as little interaction as possible.

I have found while working in the Coal-fired Power Plant in North Central Oklahoma that some systems are better off with a little less than perfect automation. We might think about that as we move into a new era of automated cars, robot soldiers and automatic government shutdowns. Let me give you a for instance.

The coal trains that brought the coal from Wyoming all the way down to the plant would enter a building called “The Dumper.” Even…

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