FEATURED: ‘ I am your Music Box ‘

I am your Music Box
Souldier Girl / Souldiergirl

Inspired by Eric and Chrissy, this is a vocal piece. Please click on the link below to hear this piece in my own words ❤️


I am your music box…

I am your music box

And my heart is your ballerina

Spinning in the direction of your light

Twirling in the presence of your love

With my arms above my head

Reaching high for you

Chin up

To the sky

I am your music box

And you…are the reason why

My heart is your ballerina

Dancing to the sunshine of your orchestra

Do not you know

I was once in the dark?

But your love has opened

my soul

And moved the ballerina

Inside my heart

Original Article: http://souldiergirl.com/2015/10/13/i-am-your-music-box

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First Night Design | ‘Such Serviceable Flowers’ #Art

Great programme my girls and great use of #🎡 Not up to your standard of #ART of course.

First Night Design

’Such Serviceable Flowers’ © Sarah VernonBuy print ’Such Serviceable Flowers’ © Sarah Vernon from Redbubble

The title is a quote from The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie by Muriel Spark in which the inimitable Morningside teacher of impressionable girls is talking about carnations. These vintage flowers—at least, I think they’re carnations—are from Mindy Somers of Vintage Art Downloads, a treasure chest of high-resolution images for artists. The underlay is one of my watercolour textures in pale magenta and green.

Buy Tote Bag from Fine Art America © Sarah VernonBuy Tote Bag from Fine Art America © Sarah Vernon

Below is a snippet from the film version of The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie (1969) with Maggie Smith as Brodie and Celia Johnson as the headmistress, Miss Mackay. Incidentally, Dame Celia and I went to the same boarding school…though not at the same time. Obviously.

’Such Serviceable Flowers’ Greeting Card
’Such Serviceable Flowers’ Greeting Card

Available at the following galleries:
Zazzle US
Zazzle UK
Fine Art America

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First Night Design | Hummingbird Tune

Nice post Sarah 🌷

First Night Design

Hummingbird Tune @ First Night DesignHummingbird Tune @ First Night Design

Inspired by the exquisite paintings of Janet Weight Reed, whose running motif is the hummingbird, I have used the same background as in Seagull Sonata to showcase this rather splendid hummingbird (Mdf on Wikimedia Commons).

Sell Art Online


Take care and keep laughing!


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Holy of Holy Blues by swo8 Blues Jazz from the album Monkey of Sousse on iTunes

Thanks for sharing regards Ian


It is Thanksgiving day in Canada. It is a day that we set aside to be with family and give thanks to our Creator, whomever you concieve him/her/it to be.

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Absolutely at 20.20 GMT last night as was predicted by you Libra and the balance of time began making all that was not now all possible – it just needed one as in the beginning as finally the word becomes flesh. Amen.


Beautiful words from a Beautiful lady with a Beautiful ❤️

One day you will thank Allah for the door He has closed. You will be grateful that it didn’t work out for you. Allah’s plans are better than our wishes….Dr. Bilal Philips

Thanks for a great post Semra so true your words they touch the ❤️




What makes us weak? Our fears.

What makes us whole? Our religion.

What keeps us standing? Our faith.

What makes us compassionate? Our selflessness.

What makes us honest? Our integrity.

What sustains our minds? Our quest for knowledge.

What teaches us all the lessons? Our mistakes.

What lifts our heads high? Our pride, not arrogance.

What if we can’t go on? Not an option.

What makes us victorious? Our courage to climb.

What makes us competent? Our confidence.

What makes us beautiful? Our patience and sincerity.

What makes us Muslims? Our heart attached to Allah.

Whenever we don’t understand what’s happening in our lives, we just need to close our eyes, take a deep breath and say, ‘O Allah I know it’s from Your plan, I put my trust in Your hand.!!


One day you will thank Allah for the door He has closed. You will be grateful that it…

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Storia illustrata

Wax On Wax Off and Other Power Plant Janitorial Secrets

Nice one Kevin 👌

Power Plant Men

Orignally Posted on October 12, 2012:

Two years before the movie Karate Kid came out at the movies in 1984, I had learned the secret of “Wax On, Wax Off”. One that made a significant difference to my Power Plant Janitorial Powers!

The Student Learns from the Master…. “Wax On… Wax Off”

My Janitorial Master was Pat Braden. He is the same age as my father. As I mentioned in an earlier post, Pat Braden reminded me of a rounder version of Red Skelton:

This Picture of Red Skelton reminds me of Pat Braden

Pat was one of the kindest people you would ever meet. He was the head janitor when I became a janitor at the Coal-Fired Power Plant. I had worked with him off and on during the 4 summers when I had worked as a summer help. So I was glad to actually be on his crew…

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