Joseph’s Kindred Life

When you lose someone that makes you feel so special it’s like losing a real friend who was always there for you. Anytime you need a friend who will listen and not judge l make a good listener.
Try and have a peaceful weekend and may God be with you now and forever and my prayers are with you now and forevermore. Amen

Souldier Girl

My next addition for the ABC Challenge with Rich. For all so far peek over at wafflemethis :))

*My brother was so on my heart for this as soon as I heard I was up with the letter “J”. I lost him last year, at only 38 he left us way too soon. It was unexpected and devastating. He always made me feel treasured- he was most definitely, the best. I miss you Joe- every single second. *

Joseph’s journey

Juggled jaded


Jailing jittering joy

Knotting, kicking

Knees kneeling,

Keen Kingmakers Kingdom


Loopholes losing


Loving laughter lit

Lowly losing light



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Storia illustrata

though I don’t know you

❤️ The picture perfect for the words 🌹

the eddies

Nice post and nice theme of content 👌