Here It Is ~ Leonard Cohen & Sharon Robinson

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Really like Leonard Cohen

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a te ocoli pe tine ca pe un oraş năpădit de molimă,
de vreme ce ţi-ai petrecut copilăria
la periferia
lumii. În plină zi caniculară şi pe câmpie
să închei călătoria care ţi-a deschis ochii
spre altă lume, spre aura
hârtiei. Să ardă: să o numeşti amintire,
să o pierzi pentru totdeauna,
ca şi când ai purta numele
unui nenăscut. O şuviţă de păr de femeie printre scrisori,
pe care nu le-ai trimis, cuib otrăvit, salvează le măcar în vis. Nu
eşti tu însuţi.
Singur. Cu toate că eşti singurul
(în actul de acuzare)
în atâtea persoane ai murit în sine
de câte ori te-ai dezis de tăcerea
ta, de corpul fără trup şi de numele
fără cuvinte. Ca şi când în oraşul natal
nu ai putut recunoaşte niciunul din locurile cunoscute,
niciuna din propriile fraze
în troianul de hârtie
care te nconjoară şi se ntinde ca o boală pe…

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First Night Design | Be Afraid, Be Very Afraid! #Halloween


First Night Design

Be Afraid, Be Very Afraid! © Sarah Vernon Be Afraid, Be Very Afraid! © Sarah Vernon

It’s astonishing what you can achieve when you don’t know what you want or where you’re heading. Such was the case with Be Afraid, Be Very Afraid! I find it difficult — sometimes tiresome — to create for specific occasions or holidays but I thought I ought to try and do a new design for Halloween. I’ve never celebrated it myself but it’s a major holiday in America and increasingly popular in Britain so there’s definitely a market on both sides of the Atlantic.

Halloween Skeleton & Cherub Postcard
Halloween Skeleton & Cherub Postcard

Using my Skeleton and Cherub design, I added a background layer of dark brown in Photoshop’s Normal mode. Out came my 2 Lil’ Owls tool box and Beguiling-25 (Multiply) and Beguiling-24 (Pin Light) ultimately proved to be perfect. If I’d set out with the idea of having a glowing light within the…

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Hoe Common, with Ollie and the camera

Really great photographs Pete regards Ian


The blue skies and sunshine this afternoon indicated the chance of some decent photographic opportunities. I decided to take Ollie in the car to Hoe Common. We would normally walk there, but the access, via Hoe Rough, is very muddy at the moment, and also has a large herd of cows and calves grazing on it. They are not that fond of dogs, so I have been keeping out of their way. After a short drive along quiet country lanes, we parked near the disused railway.

As usual, all the photos are large files, and can be clicked on for more detail.

Arriving at the common from the west, it is apparent that it is a a little higher than the surrounding area. This photo was taken looking across in the direction of Beetley. Other than the farm in the distance, there is nothing to interrupt the view.


The common…

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Mr. Frog’s Wild Power Plant Ride

Power Plant Men

I woke up from a dream this past Wednesday where I had just insulted a young lady who had cancer treatment by calling her “baldy”. In the dream I was attempting to be funny, but as soon as I said it, I knew I had crossed the line of common courtesy. I acknowledged right away that “I shouldn’t have said that”, and rose from my chair to go find whoever it was so that I could apologize. In my dream I was never able to find the person, though I thoroughly searched whatever restaurant-factory-office building we were in. You know how thing are in dreams.

I preface this post with that thought because someone may take offense to the title I have chosen today. So, let me just say that this is a story about someone that has been the source of constant conversation in my family for the past…

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– 8 – Fotoreportage in Roemenië – Photo reportage in Romania


This post means so much to me with Libra rising and the words really hit my Soul ❤️ Thanks for posting.


Just one word – Fabulous XOXO

Het boek der Openbaring

Witchy Woman

Rethinking Life


Source:  Pinterest

“Darling,” she said, to the reporter.  “All women are witches. We do magic all the time.  We make men think they are important, intelligent, strong, brave, handsome and necessary,” she laughed.  “Surely, that’s magic.  We are the magic that keeps the world going.  Besides, I love wearing black.”

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