Incoherence or Paradigm :” to go or not to go to bed with your Rapist “

It’s hard to choose the right people to be your friends but even harder to know that when needed your family will support you. Regards Ian

نادية حرحش

Incoherence or paradigm

I am thinking of the color of the flag I want to hold, as I announce my complete surrender to reality. Going through the airport as a Palestinian remains like a real suspicious item that makes you at some point seriously suspect your own species.

This apparent fact of life of being an anomaly detected didn’t suppress my thoughts of surrender.

In a certain city I don’t remember, you stand infront of an old fountain and turn your head and throw a cent and make a wish. The cent would be thrown anyway, but the trick is in having the cent falling not just in the fountain but inside a specific place in that fountain in order to have your wish come true. I remember trying to throw as many cents that actually failed to even touch the fountain, and as usual I found the excuses, on…

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908: what a mess…!

Do you use system restore on your computer? You maybe able to restore to point on day before it crashed and disappeared but accessing system restore on Windows XP was easy and no so difficult on Windows 7 but on 10 l have not checked out the situation.
If you still have a problem myself and a colleague called Shaun set up a site to help people just check it out any time add your question and l will get back to you as soon as possible.
Keep the address handy
Regards Ian
PS I help people in my area with computer problems and my college builds them so together we wants to help our readers and followers.


I spent most of yesterday working on a PowerPoint presentation for the local RSVP, only to have the file crash at the end of the day. Yeah, I saved often and after every major change. Yeah, I saved it two places, “just in case…”! Yet, inexplicably, something went wrong.

Maybe the file was too big for the memory stick. Whatever. Though it looked OK at the end where I was working, none of the illustrations (of which there were a couple hundred or so, I guess) showed in most of the earlier slides, just the text.

Of course, I have earlier versions of the file that are OK, just a day’s work short of where the one I was working on yesterday was when it crashed. I’m hoping the RSVP director has another copy of the file up to the point I started on it yesterday. Until I hear back…

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When l was very young l was inspired by this little boy and girl on Peter Pan and add to that tinker bell it was just magical – hope you enjoyed seeing it and a great post 🌹

Souldier Girl

The cool nights spreading our

Multicolored feelings

…in a spider web of directions

And I sense your minds packed up and ready to go

Come here baby

For we still have space to grow

And don’t you know, that life

…is like a treasure chest

To find that gold you gotta dig

…through the mess

The day is dragging

Alarm clocks on an antique

…pocket watch

Yet all is not lost!

There is a trapped door

Where love

…marks the spot

Let us fall inside,

…if only for a minute

Two one way trips to Neverland

I shall dance with Wendy

And you fly

…with Peter Pan!

*hi wp family! This was inspired by the magic of PAN-finally it’s coming out today and you better believe I will be there with my tinker-bells on!! :)) Happy Friday!

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special orange – light inside

Just love the light on th e rose – one by any other name me thinks 👌

Boodschap 82

So true about the world 👌

Dibawah Minimal (Below Minima)

Thanks for visits regards Ian


Tempat tinggi kadangkala menjadi tempat terindah dimuka bumi ini. Akan tetapi pada suatu saat tempat itu merupakan tempat yang paling berbahaya. Semua tampak menyeramkan.

Highplacessometimes is the most beautifulplacein this earth. However,ata certain timewhereit become themostdangerousplace. All seemedcreepy.

below minima1

Kali ini pemandangan cukup aneh. Tidak seperti biasanya ombak putih berdampingan dengan laut awan yang biru serta awan – awan kecil yang membentuk beraneka ragam rupa.

This timethe landscape is strange. Unlike theusualwhite wavesalong with theblueseaand sky accompanied by small cloudsthat formin many different shapes.

below minima2

Siang ini terasa hawa yang panas akan tetapi bukan berasal dari teriknya sang surya. Saya sangat senang tampak bayangan awan hitam di atas lautan biru. Sepertinya awan bergerak menyelimuti bumi sehingga hawa panas mulai terasa. Pemandangan mulai tampak menyeramkan.

This afternoon

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First Night Design | Don’t look now but here comes another Lighthouse #Art

Another winner Sarah 🌟

First Night Design

Decaying Light © Sarah Vernon Decaying Light © Sarah Vernon

After the success of Scorched Earth both here and in my galleries, I couldn’t resist trying the same process with the 2 Lil’ Owls texture—2LO Distressed 21—on my Chania lighthouse photograph. However, instead of Photoshop’s Overlay mode, I used Soft Light. I tweaked the tones of both the photograph and the texture so that the overall effect had more red than in Scorched Earth, or a Titian tone as I like to call it: such a lovely word.

Regular readers will know I do a lot of tweaking but I haven’t mentioned it for a while. I’m saying this just in case you experiment with the same processes I describe using similar photos or textures and discover you end up with something that doesn’t come close! For exact descriptions of what you can achieve in Photoshop, do visit Syd at DigitalLady. I don’t…

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PHOTO MOMENT: Building bridges – a quote by Rick Pitino

Nice Vijay 👍


“When you build bridges, you can keep crossing them.” ~Rick Pitino

The San Francisco–Oakland Bay Bridge, which spans the San Francisco Bay in California, as seen at nighttime.

Richard Andrew “Rick” Pitino is an American basketball coach. Since 2001, he has been the head coach at the University of Louisville, and coached the Cardinals to the 2013 NCAA Men’s Division I Basketball Championship. He has also been head of the Puerto Rico national basketball team.

Vijay Shah { विजय }, Twitter, Twitter Inc.
Cameron Morrissey, Twitter, Twitter Inc.
“CITY” –

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the sweetness of dark

Love the picture really gorgeous and the words fab 🌟

Net of Dreams

Really nice words and great feelings evoked🌹