What Happens When Power Plant Gremlins Bite Back

Power Plant Men

Originally Posted October 4, 2014.

I suppose many of you have seen the movie Gremlins that came out in 1984. It’s a story about a creature named Gizmo who is a Mogwai that becomes a pet of an unsuspecting young man, who inadvertently breaks certain rules that were explained to him in specific detail. The first rule was Don’t get the Mogwai wet…. The second rule was Don’t feed a Mogwai past midnight. — There was another precaution, like Mogwai do not like Bright Lights. The Mogwai is a cute little pet designed to sell toys, and I think it was probably pretty successful.

When a Mogwai get wet, it pops out some fur balls that then turn into other Mogwai. You would think this would be good, but when the boy accidentally spills water on Gizmo, the new Mogwai turn out to be mischievous, where Gizmo is friendly and…

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If Today Would Be Your Last Day music by Tytlblues, lyrics by Frizz, flute by Leslie

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Frizz is a fantastic guitarist and he has a wonderful voice for the blues. He often invites other muscians to collaborate with him and this time I couldn’t resist. The original piece by the Tytlblues really got to me. Frizz came up with the lyrics so I piped in with the flute and minor vocal duet part for the piece. Hope you like it.

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Montgomery County Officer Praised for Saving Baby’s Life

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Samina's Forum for police support

A Montgomery County officer performed CPR on a 9-month-old baby girl on the side of Interstate 270 Sunday afternoon, ultimately saving her life.

Source: Montgomery County Officer Praised for Saving Baby’s Life

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Krachtige aanroepingen tot Maria ; deel 1

Keep calm and love rugby!

#Novedadesliterarias. ‘Bienvenidos a Clayton Lake’ de @EscobarGolderos. ¿Qué pasa cuando nuestros más ocultos miedos se convierten en realidad?

Just Olga

Hola a todos:

Es viernes y toca libro nuevo. Hoy os traigo de vuelta a Mario Escobarque ya nos ha visitado en varias ocasiones con sus populares y exitosas novelas. No me pude resistir cuando ví ésta, porque ya sabéis que me gustan los libros y las películas de miedo, y además se acerca Halloween, así que no necesité más excusa.

Bienvenidos a Clayton Lake de Mario Escobar Bienvenidos a Clayton Lake de Mario Escobar

Bienvenidos a Clayton Lake de Mario Escobar

Un grupo de amigos decide pasar unos días tranquilos en los frondosos bosque del norte del estado de Maine. Stephen, un exitoso escritor de misterio ha perdido a su familia en un accidente, peo al final decide reunirse con el resto de sus amigos. La primera noche cada uno de ellos le cuenta a Stephen, que está investigando para una nueva novela, cuál sería la muerte que más temerían. A la mañana siguiente…

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– 6 – Fotoreportage in Roemenië – Photo reportage in Romania

Emmanuel Schotte Manuscripten


Te voet komt men er ook

You get there also walking

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Nice getting closer and closer ♠️