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– 5 – Fotoreportage in Roemenië – Photo reportage in Romania

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Emmanuel Schotte Manuscripten


Traditioneel hoedje, traditioneel huisje, door de natuur gebeeldhouwde man.

Traditional hat, traditional house, nature-sculptured man.

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First Night Design | #PhotoRehabCoverMakeover #14 The Incident at Montebello by P.A. Moed

Nice work as usual Sarah 🌟

First Night Design

#photorehabcovermakeover Week 14; The Incident at Montebello by Patti Moed #photorehabcovermakeover Week 14; The Incident at Montebello by Patti Moed

It’s Week 14 of the Photo Rehab Cover Makeover run by Desley Jane of Musings of a Frequent Flying Scientist and Lucile of Lucile de Goday. They have chosen another book by a fellow blogger—The Incident at Montebello by Patti Moed of Pilotfish. Ms Moed is an award-winning creative artist who’s worked as a university professor, writer, textbook editor, photographer, corporate trainer, educational consultant, and instructional designer; that’s some CV!

I have used a family photo which you might recognise from my treatment of it for When Worlds Collide. I can’t pretend the vehicles are spot-on for 1930 but I consider them close enough to give a flavour of Patti’s book (which I have already bought for Kindle and am very much looking forward to). The strap line I’ve used is my invention!

17211278Buy the book!

The Incident at Montebello

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GOOD NEWS FOR ARACHNOPHOBES: New spider-proof shed launched

Absolutely amazing Shed man hits again 👌

VIJAY SHAH with SWNS Newswire

Currently in the UK, it is now spider season, when thousands of arachnids decide to pay a visit to homes and offices up and down the land, looking for shelter and a female companion. Cue loads of unexpected encounters between spider and human, and inevitably ends up with a final meeting with the sole of a well-aimed slipper amid plenty of screaming.

Sheds are another good place for spiders to call home. The dark and cool interior with its inviting nooks and crannies is practically the Costa del Spider for any homeless creepy-crawly looking for a silky hammock for the next few nights. But now our friends will have to find somewhere else to put their eight feet up after a revolutionary new spider-proof shed hits the market this autumn.

Artists impression of the the world's first spider proof shed has hit the shelves and it guarantees it will keep the eight legged monsters out - if you can afford the hefty price tag. See Ross Parry copy RPYSPIDER : Among other hi-tech anti-spider technology the shed is coloured sky blue - a colour proven to repel the beasts - and can made to smell offensive to them as well. Tiger Sheds launched the anti-arachnid fortress after a survey disclosed 25 per cent of Brits are too scared to venture into the sheds for fear of meeting one these creep crawlies, face to many-eyed face. Not only does this innovative bit of kit keep the eight-legged interlopers out, it will ensure the contents of your garden shed are kept cobweb free. Artists impression of the the world’s first spider proof shed has…

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Close to Halloween ♠️

happy thursday !!!

This my contribution Paul 🌹

Bună-vă dimineața-vă!


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Profetieën in het Oude Testament over Christus

Într-o gară

Casa care adăposteşte gânduri • Editura Excelsior Art

10 19

Ziua îmi lasă în cutia poștală mesaje
unele sunt criptate
altele sunt doar înșiruiri de cuvinte prescurtate

în fiecare seară
trag adânc în gând silabele cuprinse-n vești
și viața îmi dă semnale prin vibrații

în timp ce eu orânduiesc știrile
tu mă aștepți într-o gară

trenul întârzie

nici eu nici tu
nu avem parte de ora liniștii rotunde

suntem singuri
fiecare dintre noi într-o altă gară
am să petrec noaptea cu capul plecat
în fața ferestrei prin care arunc ultimele mesaje

cu ele aprind felinare pe acoperișul trenului
încărcat cu ora liniștii rotunde

din volumul Capcane, Corina Victoria Sein, 2014

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