Diving in Cape Verde: Sal Island

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We got to know the scuba diving in Cape Verde (also called as Cabo Verde) after a presentation at a scuba diving exhibition in the Netherlands. The Atlantic Ocean surrounding Cape Verde is migration route for humpbacks whales, sperm whales and turtles. In the specific months, the locals and visitors could expect to see the whales (February-April) and turtles nesting (July-October).

Cape Verde is an archipelago country consists of 10 islands and several islets. From ten islands, I find only four islands have established dive centers: Boa Vista Island, Sal Island, Santo Antão Island, and São Vicente Island. This year we visited Sal Island, and hopefully we will visit the rest of the islands in the future. Cape Verde has great potential in scuba diving tourism and we did experience various types of scuba diving because each dive sites has unique characteristics. The following is the diving experiences you can expect when…

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Emmanuel Schotte Manuscripten

Vijf pannen in een emmer naar het dak van een te renoveren kerk… ze zijn nog even bezig!

Five pans in a bucket to renovate the roof of a church … they are busy for a while!


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