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tu ne trouveras jamais“si ton ex te dit “tu ne trouveras jamais un autre comme moi, toi, réponds lui:” mon idée était bien celle là !”

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Wayag Islands Raja Ampat

Absolutely gorgeous Indah 🌹

indahs: dive, travel & photography

Limestone islands in Wayag  (Raja Ampat, Indonesia) are not only amazing to view but also to dive into. The islands are uninhabited, and far from the closest mainland, Waigeo Island.

My travel and scuba diving story in the Wayag Islands was published as Wayag Islands, the Icon of Raja Ampat. Raja Ampat is one of amazing diving destinations I have been experienced. Truly recommended for avid scuba divers!

Wayag Islands Wayag Islands

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Pellegrini Falcon

Flying high as you soar over the heads below as your words fly so do you really nice 🌹

this winter

Makes you feel all warm and cuddly on these cold winter evenings in the UK as nights draw in 🔥


It’s that pink 🌂 Well here is a 👛 And 💄 To match have a nice weekend 🌷

Power Plant Train Wreck

Power Plant Men

I always loved playing with numbers, and thanks to the Birthday Phantom at the Coal-fired Power Plant in North Central Oklahoma, I knew everyone’s birthdays. so in 1996 I decided that I would chart them all on a graph.  When I compiled them all, I found that the Power Plant was in for one heck of a train wreck.  The entire basis that enabled the plant the size of a small city to run with a total of 121 employees was going to start crumbling within the next 13 years.

The original chart I made was in pencil.  Here is a simple column chart of the employee ages from Excel:

Age of the employees at the Power Plant in 1996 Age of the employees at the Power Plant in 1996

Now study this chart for a minute….  The youngest person in the plant was 31.  There was one.  The oldest were four who were 56.  If you take everyone from…

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Storia illustrata

Petition · Stop the Killing of Shelter Animals! ·

negligence or else – the ruins of an ex monastery magureni…

Jack Davis

method two madness

Kerfe and I fell in love with the graffiti paintings of Jack Davis who blogs here @davisbrotherlylove. He agreed to part with a few and I received mine in the mail today. I plan on hanging these together on a prominent wall. These are beautiful works and I am very excited and happy to own them. Thank you Jack!

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