Taking a Look at the Real World that God Created

Thanks for following – wish more people thought that God created the World and not they did! Thanks for sharing nice post . 👍


“Let me say again that this is your misguided attempt to follow in creation’s way. God gave all power to his creations, and you would choose to do this as well. Your intent is not evil, but guided by the guilt and false remembering of the separated self. As much as you have desired anonymity and autonomy from God, still you blame God for creating a situation in which you think you have been allowed to hurt yourself. How could God allow all this suffering, you ask? Why does He tempt you with such destruc¬tive forces? Forces beyond your control? Why did not God create a world benign and unable to harm you?” (ACOL, C:9.46)

These questions, which Jesus suggests we would ask, are good questions indeed. But the primary Answer is that we have been given free will, and the secondary Answer is that we have remembered incorrectly how…

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