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art street – graffiti


street art – graffiti

Love your graffiti photos Paul

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Post 901: quiet morning…

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Any other day, Andy would have fits if he spotted Dougy on top of his favorite blue carrier. Not today. Guess it’s too early in the morning to be confrontational!andy and dougy

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Boeddha wijsheden ; deel 11


It’s a short distance between 😇 And 😈 Have a nice Friday 🌹

Elvin Power Plant Tool Room Adventures With Bud

Another great post Kev.

Power Plant Men

Originally posted September 27, 2014, added a picture of Bud

When I say that Bud Schoonover is known as “Elvin”, I don’t mean to imply that he was Elvin in nature.  What I mean to say is that he did not necessarily possess the qualities of an elf.  Well, except for his smile, which is somewhat Elvish-like.  Bud’s smile was usually more like a look of warning for those who didn’t know him well.  I have always said that he reminded me of a six foot, 5 inch tall, white Aunt Esther from Sanford and Son, and about 75 to 100 pounds heavier.

Aunt Esther from Sanford and Son Aunt Esther from Sanford and Son smiling like Bud Schoonover

What I mean by saying that Bud is known as “Elvin” is that is what his Mother called him when he was born.  Though somewhere along the line he became known as Bud;  Not from his middle…

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Thanks for visit regards Ian PS Best of luck with final year. 👌