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cat and calf

We want love
but are afraid
so push others away

We need love
but have not learned
how to give it
not understanding
that love comes
to those who
know how to give love

 Such a simple concept in simple words but seemingly so hard to learn and put into practice! 

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Kailasa Temple Ellora Caves, India

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On our south trip, this was the last stop before returning to Ahmadabad after 13 days of travelling.   We had not gone there in 2013.  It is an breathtaking site of temple after temple carved  from the hillside.  We started at the Buddhist temples as they were the oldest, next came the Hindu temples  of which Kailasa Temple  is the crown jewel! We could enter and climb in all the temples. . . As we poked around in the first sites, David kept saying that there is more to come and he was right of course. Kailasa Temple in all her glory. Lastly, were the Jain Temples.

I am disclaiming David Wolfe’s idea of aliens.   For me this is just an amazing example of architecture that was  formed  by the creative genius of ancient incredible Indian people!

This Is Incredible India! 

I would love to hear your thoughts…

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“Indian Summers” BBC Miniseries

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Sunday night was the first episode and my only complaint was that it was on later than I wished. See where the English went to escape the heat and sun of  The  Indian Summers. The accents make it a tad challenging to understand but  Downton Abbey is in its last season, so this is a great addition! If you like history, great writing and acting, breathtaking scenery , filmed at the foot of the Himalayas and tucked into the tea plantations,  intrigue , complicated love stories. . . .take a look.  I love history, BBC miniseries with stellar writing and acting,  handsome Indians, beautiful Indian women . . . . .and of course Incredible India!


Set against the sweeping grandeur of the Himalayas and tea plantations of Northern India, the drama tells the rich and explosive story of the decline of the British Empire and the birth of modern…

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Power Plant Men’s Club Prizes and a Story of Luck

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Power Plant Men

My wife used to wince a little each time I told her I would be late coming home that evening because I was going to the Men’s Club dinner after work. Not because I was going to be spending the evening at the Raccoon Lodge with Ralph Cramden:

Ralph and Norton at the Raccoon Lodge Ralph and Norton at the Raccoon Lodge

It wasn’t because I would come home Blotto’ed after an evening of drinking. No. The reason my wife would cringe at the thought of Men’s Club was because about half the time I went to Men’s Club I would come back with some sort of prize.

You see… I have always been cursed with being lucky. It came in handy sometimes because there were times when I was flying by the seat of my pants and if I wasn’t just plain lucky, things would have ended quite suddenly and there would not have been any…

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PHOTO MOMENT: Will the real Scooby Doo please lift a paw?

Scooby Doobi Doo – 👍

“Is it just me or does this dog look like a real life Scooby Doo?”

Relp!!…I think someone’s blown my cover. Retter find me some Scooby Snacks. Roh-ruh!!!

I be like, Facebook, Facebook Inc.

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BLOODHOUND SSC: New 1000 mph supersonic vehicle unveiled

Amazing thinking about when Donald Campbell in Bluebird 1 and 2 won the land speed record on the Salt Flats now this!

VIJAY SHAH via Business Insider

A new supersonic car was recently unveiled in the United Kingdom and could well shatter the record of the fastest speed of any land vehicle when it goes live in 2017. The Bloodhound SSC, developed by a team in Bristol, west England is the result of ten years of preparation, reports the Business Insider who gained exclusive access to the supercar yesterday.

The fighter-jet like vehicle, built with the latest technology and highly dynamic with an elongated ‘nose’ and fins that look as if though they were borrowed from a Concorde, is expected to beat the previous record enacted by a land-based vehicle, when a Thrust SSC driven by British air force Wing CommanderAndy Green achieved a “flying mile” speed of 763mph (1,227kph). The Bloodhound, with its distinctive dark blue and orange livery emblazoned with sponsors’ logos, is expected…

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SULLEE J: Common Chick Ft. Nikki Taylor [Prod. @BluntedBeatzz]

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Victory is available now! :
With his latest visual “Common Chick,” rapper Sullee J, reflects that being beautiful isn’t about fitting in; it’s about being yourself.  Filmed in NYC, the video was directed by The Bluntedbeatz produced track is off his new project,Victory, out now! The new project also includes the track “Tell Me How You Want It” featuring Tupac.

Follow Sullee J:
Instagram: @SulleeJ
#teamLegion #SulleeJ
For Press Inquiries Contact:
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Sullee J Management.

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fall ….

Latin Lover by swo8 Blues Jazz from the album Sahara Rose in iTunes

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