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My First Few Weeks Back at Croydon College. Absolutely Perfect!!!!!

Mother Nature

My first few weeks back at Croydon College have been absolutely perfect. After going back to college on the 8th September, it felt like a welcome of open arms, and I wasn’t at all nervous, but I was actually excited and I couldn’t wait to go back.

This day also marked a milestone of its own, as the 8th September was exactly one year to the day that I started my first ever day at college. A huge amount has changed in that time, everyone has matured, the respect of the students and the lecturers in the college are much better, and everyone gets on really well.

I have noticed in just the short space of one year alone that I have somehow matured, because I tend to get my work done a lot quicker, and not realise that the work I’ve completed isn’t due in for another couple of…

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