FEATURED: Souldier Girl News ‘ Mariposa ‘

My heart has ruptured all over this page

My eyes are opened to a future
The week after next
I will perform on their stage
To free pent up emotions
To spring a heart from her cage
I dance to a rhythm that continues to change
I bite down on wisdom that precedes me in age 
The hammer was struck with the words you onced waged
And my soul has been tattered with nails from that day
I will remove each splinter and be numb to the pain
I will cleanse the hurt with oils and sage
I will powder my nose and pretty this face
I will be shy, I will be brave
I will release Mariposa
…from the flocks of their gaze.

FEATURED: Heart & Fire News: ‘ Halcyon ‘


Sometimes you

dance like rhythmic

raindrops on a brandy sea

transforming to a mythical bird

scattering  unrest to the minds

of mortals and translucent

lies to naïve lovers keen on

intoxicated nights and

halcyon days.

Venturing near the rough

edge of consequence,

if not for the drama,

we couldn’t care less.

art by Paul Kelley

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