Blowing Sh*t Up

Love the idea of your friend blowing people up in their minds eye 😈


There are no boundaries in my fantasies. If I did not have a place to escape to, I would surely go insane.

Holding things in damages you. Letting anger out is good. It’s a good thing because once it’s out, like the puss in a boil, you heal. It’s over, done and dusted.

How do you let anger go?

I can get quite snappy with people. I can’t suffer idiots and frack me, there are enough of them around! I deal with people everyday and over the years have learnt how to curb my “bitchy streak”.

So here’s the thing to do when you get to your breaking point.  Whilst you’re smiling with a twinkle in your eye, nodding your head in agreement, sympathy or other appropriate emotional response for the situation, and responding in a polite, courteous, soothing voice, you’re imagining them in a small rubber dingy with a…

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