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Just love your cats and great pics. Just on Windows l personally do not use Windows anymore but switched over open source, But as l offer people a service providing computers and software who are looking for great deals, l find it ironic l actually get asked to provide Windows 7 and not 8 or even 10.
Personally having reinstalled 8 for a lady who is disabled l learned more about it being an app based system rather than like old (best ever) XP and have to say Windows 7.
On subject of computers any problems need free help and advice myself an a friend on WP set-up recently and you can just add a question and we will try to help.
Regards Ian

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What a morning! I decided to update my pc to Windows 10 from the perfectly workable Windows 7 that it came with. What a soul-sucking, tedious, mind-numbing process that turned out to be!

I didn’t see any particular reason to do this other than it is free now and probably will cost something to do later. I haven’t explored Windows 10 yet so have no sense of whether it is an improvement or just something one needs to do before Windows 7 no longer is supported by Microsoft. 

I still have my laptop to update to Windows 10. Fewer files, newer operating system (Windows 8), and no urgency to complete the job means I can start the process and walk away from it till it completes its course.


That noted, let’s get on with the kitty boys update!

Handy Andy! Handy Andy!

You know Andy was a very bad boy yesterday…

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