Just like Us 

The perfect relationship sounds simple but is most difficult to achieve – simply you give everything to your partner and they give everything to you.

Try it and your relationship will be perfect but do not expect it to be easy – anything worth having is always more difficult.

I know!!

Souldier Girl


Nestled in your lap

Lying in the coldness

No one else is here

Sounds of midnight twinkle like stars

The ones we cannot see

Hiding beyond a distracted city

Whose jealous buildings compete to meet the sun

And are melted before they ever do

Tonight I am one with you

We need not search for words

Our connection screams to rise

Upon those buildings where the birds nests hide

In the shadowed corners

Just like us

A pair of eternal friends and lovers

Curled into the secret of each other

A small drifting pocket

Against the eyes of the universe

Just me

Just you

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