Cinta Seperti Ingin Menjagamu Sepanjang Hari (Love Like want to take care Throughout the Day)

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and anything is beautiful depending on the way you behold it.


“Jika seseorang mencintai sesuatu, maka orang itu akan rela mengorbankan segalanya untuk memilikinya”. Mungkin selama ini banyak orang yang menganggap bahwa  rasa Suka, Sayang dan Cinta itu adalah tiga buah perasaan yang ketiga-tiganya tidak mempunyai perbedaan. Rasa suka dapat terjadi  dimanapun kita berada. Contohnya adalah ketika anda melihat makanan yang dianggap enak maka anda sangat ingin untuk membelinya. Nah, itulah sebuah perasaan suka. Selain cepat datang, rasa suka tersebut bisa saja cepat pergi. Dari rasa suka ini, bisa berubah atau berkembang menjadi rasa Sayang. Rasa sayang sendiri merupakan tahapan lanjutan dari perasaan suka. Rasa sayang sendiri bisa didefinisikan seperti sebuah perasaan ingin mempertahankan apa yang sudah di dapat. Contohnya mungkin bisa seperti benda kesayangan anda yang selalu ingin anda pertahankan dan anda rawat. Bukan hanya benda, rasa sayang tentunya bisa juga timbul pada seseorang yang anda sayangi seperti orang tua, pacar atau pasangan resmi anda. Kemudian rasa cinta adalah sebuah…

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Just like Us 

The perfect relationship sounds simple but is most difficult to achieve – simply you give everything to your partner and they give everything to you.

Try it and your relationship will be perfect but do not expect it to be easy – anything worth having is always more difficult.

I know!!

Souldier Girl


Nestled in your lap

Lying in the coldness

No one else is here

Sounds of midnight twinkle like stars

The ones we cannot see

Hiding beyond a distracted city

Whose jealous buildings compete to meet the sun

And are melted before they ever do

Tonight I am one with you

We need not search for words

Our connection screams to rise

Upon those buildings where the birds nests hide

In the shadowed corners

Just like us

A pair of eternal friends and lovers

Curled into the secret of each other

A small drifting pocket

Against the eyes of the universe

Just me

Just you

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We got this 

Children are the most precious little #souls we have and to see this wonderful post should inspire parents to love them more than ever. 🙂

Souldier Girl

I’m tellin my babies

When they look to me with those curious eyes

We got this

No need to worry

No cause to cry

Belief brewed from deep inside

See these mamas eyes?

Full of confidence and a hard earned pride

Hush my little babies

We got this

The world is full of scary monsters

And I know you have seen

More than I wanted for my son and my daughter

Now is your season to be showered..

Love and smiles

Like sun soaked viles

Filling our home with warmth and radiance

We got this thing!

My babies

Now rest your precious little heartbeats

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in a dream

Another classic and really liked Billy thanks 🙂


We are Stardust we are Golden now that is when bands knew how to sing and play for their audience and not money!! Brilliant just listening nowow 🙂


Nice post great words and really nice picture of portrait of Islamorada – hop l am right? Ian 🙂

Post 890: …busy, busy, busy

Just love your cats and great pics. Just on Windows l personally do not use Windows anymore but switched over open source, But as l offer people a service providing computers and software who are looking for great deals, l find it ironic l actually get asked to provide Windows 7 and not 8 or even 10.
Personally having reinstalled 8 for a lady who is disabled l learned more about it being an app based system rather than like old (best ever) XP and have to say Windows 7.
On subject of computers any problems need free help and advice myself an a friend on WP set-up recently and you can just add a question and we will try to help.
Regards Ian

weggieboy's blog

What a morning! I decided to update my pc to Windows 10 from the perfectly workable Windows 7 that it came with. What a soul-sucking, tedious, mind-numbing process that turned out to be!

I didn’t see any particular reason to do this other than it is free now and probably will cost something to do later. I haven’t explored Windows 10 yet so have no sense of whether it is an improvement or just something one needs to do before Windows 7 no longer is supported by Microsoft. 

I still have my laptop to update to Windows 10. Fewer files, newer operating system (Windows 8), and no urgency to complete the job means I can start the process and walk away from it till it completes its course.


That noted, let’s get on with the kitty boys update!

Handy Andy! Handy Andy!

You know Andy was a very bad boy yesterday…

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