Day 2

Words of ❤️ across Ian’s of time from the beginning to the end Amen. 🙏

Souldier Girl

Hello my gorgeous rockstars! Day 2 of 3 days and 3 quotes… Today I am going to pass this challenge on to three other badass bloggers without all the rules, just share some quotes that mean something to you- if you want- no pressure :))


The quote with Jax Teller below really spoke to me- not sure if it was Kurt or one of the other writers from SOA, but I read it and was like bam! How true it is that when I am broken I do not feel strong- in the midst of hurt I feel sad and weak and tired. Many of my experiences hang like a loose earring to my heart-they are there but too painful to wear completely. When I do embrace these hurtful memories I can break again-and fast-but it is the comfort of family, friends, strangers-that act as a cushion…

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Good Morning Beautifuls!

Your words do not deny the soul but change with your minds eye as a great writer now and always Amen ❤️

Souldier Girl

Hi there my wonderfully beautiful WordPress family. Thank you for being here!

So Rich from wafflemethis (wafflemeawesomeness 😏) nominated me to do the 3 days 3 quotes… Sorry I am bad at following the rules so I am just gonna say thank you soul brother for including me in this and get to sharing some quotes with you all… I love quotes.

The theme here is to LOVE yourself! I have been looked down upon for the very things that make me unique and quirky. I let it get to me for a long time- people’s hurtful jabs and eye rolls. But you know what- if you don’t like me then you can go-this is me and I am not striving for perfection in this life- I am striving for happiness- as many moments as I can muster up!

Being someone other than who I truly am does not make…

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Nice posts as always 🙂

Când fericirea se îmbrăca în floare de cactus

Beautiful like the author 🙂

Denisa Aricescu

Când fericirea se îmbrăca în floare de cactus

Am descoperit note muzicale pe corzile sufletului,
Le-am denumit după constelaţii
Şi le-am lăsat să-mi urce emoţiile pe aripi de înger.
Seară după seară ascultam cum mâinile cerului
Îşi plimbau degetele peste destinul acordat.
Note noi, game în doi.
Respiram aerul pe care florile mi-l inspirau…
Atunci, două stele au început să se rostogolească pe cerul împânzit de lumini,
Ochii mi s-au îndreptat agale spre căsuţa în care noaptea face minuni.
Un boboc de răbdare înflorise.
O floare de cactus îşi desfăcea petalele în tainele nopţii…
Era fericirea. Înflorită şi neatinsă.
Am privit-o îndeaproape şi m-am temut să o miros…

Mi-am legănat liniştea-n palme.
În toamna sufletului meu ploua mărunt cu amintiri.

foto 16

P.S. Chiar dacă fericirea îmbracă numele  “floare de cactus”, eu   v-am lăsat câţiva trandafiri să vă îndulcească privirile.

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sea of … purple flowers


there are more of us then you think…darling

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Power Plant Grows Up in Smoke

Originally posted September 13, 2014. I chalked it up to being a trouble maker when someone approached me in the electric shop one day to ask me if I would be an “Advocate of Change”. I figured this person asked me either because he thought I couldn’t resist fighting for a cause, or because he […]

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