Loves Lurk 

Beautiful words with a beautiful meaning depth of heart and depth of soul – you have it all in this piece need l say moe ❤️

Souldier Girl

I lurk in the forest of your heart
I touch my toes ever so gently
Around all the pieces

You fear are

….broken for eternity

I am not afraid

Of the dark and shadowed place

….Of all you have revealed

And still, all your lips hold sealed

I sleep in the depth of your soul

Known to few

Hidden from all

I kiss its essence and paint

My colors

To blend with your red and grey

I sleep inside

The genius of your mind

The depth it bleeds

I bleed back

Caressing and swimming

Along the shores

And far below

This could be limitless

And I wish not to go

I gaze through your

Wondrous eyes

Straight into

…what makes you mine

I gaze from so faraway

I gaze through

my own dark

…and hidden space

I gaze upon your hands

That I may one day feel

The growing bond

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