the WOLF and the INDIAN

The lion laying down with the lamb, or the fact we are all from one and one from all male or female, animal or mineral it all comes back to one here I something to ponder . – 🔼 Tell me what you feel nearly the 23 Sept when this with its other elements comes true 🌹

Loves Lurk 

Beautiful words with a beautiful meaning depth of heart and depth of soul – you have it all in this piece need l say moe ❤️

Souldier Girl

I lurk in the forest of your heart
I touch my toes ever so gently
Around all the pieces

You fear are

….broken for eternity

I am not afraid

Of the dark and shadowed place

….Of all you have revealed

And still, all your lips hold sealed

I sleep in the depth of your soul

Known to few

Hidden from all

I kiss its essence and paint

My colors

To blend with your red and grey

I sleep inside

The genius of your mind

The depth it bleeds

I bleed back

Caressing and swimming

Along the shores

And far below

This could be limitless

And I wish not to go

I gaze through your

Wondrous eyes

Straight into

…what makes you mine

I gaze from so faraway

I gaze through

my own dark

…and hidden space

I gaze upon your hands

That I may one day feel

The growing bond

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Beautiful Thailand!

This artist recreates famous paintings…with paintbrushes

Van Gough's starry nights made up of paintbrushesVan Gough’s starry nights in paintbrush form (Photo: Finn Stone)

Paintbrushes are often the tools of great art. But not often do they become the art.

The Woolff Gallery, which previously brought you sweet wrappers transformed into goblets and busts is now showing unusual pieces by artist Finn Stone made up entirely of paintbrushes.

They include recreations of famous works by painters including Leonardo Da Vinci, Vincent Van Gough and Andy Warhol.

(His rendition of Picasso's 'The Dreamer' Photo: Finn Stone)His rendition of Picasso’s ‘The Dreamer’… Read the full story

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