Power Plant Safety is Job Number One

Power Plant Men

Originally posted September 14, 2012:

I found out soon after I arrived at the Coal-fired power plant in Oklahoma the first summer I worked as a summer help that Safety was Job Number One.  I was given a hard hat and safety glasses the first day I was there, and I watched a safety film on how to lift with my legs and not with my back.  I thought the hard hat made me look really cool.  Especially with the safety glasses that looked like someone wore as a scientist during the 1950s.  Dark and square.

The first safety glasses we had didn’t have side shields

I used to keep a pair with me when I went back to school.  When I was a senior at the University of Missouri, Columbia, while working at the Bakery on Broadway, I kept a pair with me at all times, along with a…

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Inimă, înţelege-mă

Beautiful words and pictures perfect 🌹

Denisa Aricescu

Inimă, înţelege-mă

Te-am pus să bei din sângele furtunii,
Care-ncerca să mă inunde zi de zi,
Şi te-am chemat apoi, să-mi stai aproape,
Şi tu veneai când eu credeam că n-o să vii.

Îmi înecam ideile în scris,
Luam timpul şi îl înecăm în mine,
În suflet îmi uitam cuvântul rupt, deschis,
Şi toate temerile mă duceau spre tine.

De mână te plimbam în orice zi,
Şi-n orice zi te plimb, chiar fără să te rog,
Şi bat la uşi, şi baţi şi tu în pieptul meu,
Iar uneori te fac să stai în loc.

Te-am pus să guşti din lacrimi şi te-am hrănit cu dor,
Când tu poate aveai doar poftă de iubire,
Te-am aruncat în mine şi te-am făcut să zaci,
Tăceai şi mă priveai cum îţi puneam zăvor.

Tu, care mă conduci pe coridorul vieţii
Eşti prinsă-ntre bătăi,
Eşti prizonieră-n timp,
În ochii tăi se scutură magia…

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‘ Early 1900s portrait studio used cuddly cat as adorable prop ‘

Image: Arnold Genthe/Library of Congress

Arnold Genthe, a Berlin-born photographer, worked a New York portrait studio. He sought to capture the human essence of his subjects, to go beyond a “commonplace record of clothes and a photographic mask.” He used an unobtrusive camera and would not tell the subject when he was going to make the exposure.

He photographed many famous and prominent figures of the time, including Sarah Bernhardt, Jack London, Anna Pavlova and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, even Theodore Roosevelt and Woodrow Wilson.

His cat Buzzer appears in many of his portraits of women. Apparently he offered the cat to his subjects as a prop to put them at ease and produce more natural, unposed images Read

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De vier yoga paden

I did transcendental meditation John and do believe the was good for the mind and that Yoga is good for the body as in Mind Body and Soul nice post 👌


The 23rd is coming and all is a changing though only those who see it in the minds eye will truly know it’s worth ⏳⌛️


Quite agree you are Jinx x 🌹


Lovely words and nice picture go so well together as always. 🌹