First Night Design | Emerald Arches #Art

First Night Design

Emerald Arches © Sarah VernonEmerald Arches © Sarah Vernon

Emerald Arches came about when I was playing around with a makeover for Stephen King’s novel Green Mile. One particular blending of an image and a background, the former discarded as far as Green Mile was concerned, shrieked at me to be recreated as my next art piece. The photograph is a painting from 1842 by Jules Victor Genisson on Wikimedia  of the interior of Amiens Cathedral.  Blending it in ‘overlay’ mode via Photoshop with 2 Lil’ Owls texture 2LO Distressed 7 made my heart leap!

I wanted to bring out the edges as if the original had been an architectural drawing with a colour wash. This I achieved by adjusting the brightness and contrast and sharpening the edges until I was satisfied. I could have used Photoshop’s rendering tool on a duplicate layer but this is never satisfactory as it always…

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First Night Design | The Woman Behind the Curtain

First Night Design


As usual, I had something entirely different in mind when I began The Woman Behind the Curtain. I had discovered a photograph on Wikimedia  of a rather beautiful ruin, which was tagged as the arches at the Sonargaon Folk Arts and Craft Museum in Bangladesh, and was intent on a purely architectural piece. I tried several ideas but none of them worked until…

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PHOTO MOMENT: Morning from Mauritius

Nice photograph Vijay are you originally from the part of the world ? Or is it holiday destination also opening up Ace Tweet News to allow people to copy and paste their favourite tweets open to all WordPress people just copy and paste the link from any tweet. Can you let your HEMS people know thanks. 👍

(c) Mauritianen in Nederland

 “First morning light 🌞

The sun breaks over the horizon on a beach near Le Touessrok Resort on the Indian Oceanisland of Mauritius, in this image released today by Facebook page“Mauritianen in Nederland” (Mauritians in the Netherlands).

Mauritianen in Nederland, Facebook, Facebook Inc.

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Really nice Paul where was this taken? Regards Ian

corner of history

forgotten doors

Nice Paul love the abstract 👌

Kool Man by swo8 Blues Jazz

Cool man love Jazz man 😀


Kool Man by sow8 Blues Jazz is from the album Osaka Time on iTunes. It’s a real piece of jazz and I suggest you listen to the music a second time with your eyes closed. This young man is definitely my Kool Man and you just might miss the music when you see him play pool.

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