A Rose is just a Rose…

My name came from My ❤️ As in the Ace and Adam the first tick of a clock or my 💜 Beat then second Christ as in a man who loved his enemies and turned the other cheek and finally Ian my name the first as in Adam and that is the circle of life.

Just Us Owls

Tell us about your blog name. Where did it come from?

Well I had toyed with many names…then someone said name it after an animal you love.

Most people know I love owls and wolves. Just US Wolves didn’t go with what I wanted to write on…though Just Us Owls rang all the right bells. I try to give out little bits of wisdom among my rants and Owls being a symbol of wisdom resulted in my blog being born!

I hope I’ve lived up to the name. I love to write when I have the time and I love all my readers!

A Rose by any other name would smell as sweet? (I hope).


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Really beautiful and straight from your ❤️

Când toamna poartă paşii unei veri

Beautiful poem 🌹

Denisa Aricescu

Când toamna poartă paşii unei veri

Îţi calculezi paşii,
Îţi potriveşti ceasul,
Amâni discuţiile pentru mai târziu…
Ţi-ai înfăşurat timpul pe după gât
Şi-l roteşti minut după minut…
Emoţiile stau agăţate la ferestre.
Mi-am înfrânt teama şi le-am cules.
Soarele şi-a ridicat privirea şi a început să sufle în palmele-mi rotunde,
Am ameţit de bucurie.
Iubirea îşi întindea aripile către mine şi plutea în juru-mi s-o ating.
Am risipit nostalgia în mare,
Purtată de valuri, respira cu ardoare 
Dorul purtat de pescăruşi
Îţi strecura un zâmbet şi-ţi număra paşii, călcându-ţi pe urme…
Din cămaşă zorzonată a mării,
Vedeai cum se-ntindea trupul Verii din Poveşti.
Se disipa în nisipul fin în straturi de fericire
Încolăcindu-ţi tălpile-n parfum…

Te-apropii de ţărm, faci cu mâna către cer
Atingi colierul şi uiţi să-l roteşti,
Dar ultima perlă ruginită uşor
Te-anunţă că din spatele munţilor
Pătrund melancolii din frunze-aurii
Îţi măsori alţi paşi, te întinzi…

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Power Plant Men Summoned by Department of Labor

Power Plant Men

Originally posted August 30, 2014.

When a death or a near death occurs at a workplace due to an accident, OSHA Occupational Safety and Health Administration) will investigate what happened. There are two reasons for this. If they find that the company has been negligent in following the safety regulations set down in CFR 1910, then they are fined (if the negligence is sever enough). OSHA also investigates the accident to see if changes are needed to regulations in order to protect employees due to new unsafe workplace conditions that are not currently covered under CFR 1910.

Because of the tragedy that happened at our plant that I outlined in the post: “Tragedy Occurs During Power Plant Safety Committee” and after I had met with the OSHA man (Gerald Young) to give him my deposition as discussed in the post last week: “The OSHA Man Cometh“…

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Power Plant Adventures with Jim Heflin

Power Plant Men

Originally posted August 31, 2012:

I have often mentioned Jim Heflin in many of my posts. One might think from the attitude that Jim had toward me in a few of those posts that we didn’t get along. Nothing could be further from the truth. Jim and I were best of friends during the time that we worked together and when we carpooled together back and forth from Ponca City to the Power Plant Kingdom in the midst of North Central Oklahoma.

I have mentioned before that Jim gave me the impression of a friendly hound that was happy to see you.

The Splittin’ Image of Jim Heflin

That’s him all right, except he had a happier expression. I also mentioned that the first time I talked to his wife Brenda on the phone I made the mistake of calling her “Brenda Bulldog” because of a character that my wife…

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