Article: Made in America 2015: Pictures

Made in America 2015: Pictures

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Picture: Message In A Bottle by the great #Donnamazing

Message In A Bottle

Our daily newspaper is here : Ace Worldwide News


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Sand Castles

Really nice words and beautifully sentimental just gets better 👌

5 Day Black & White Challenge: Day 1….checkmate


Check mate Paul 👌

Whatever comes from you is pleasing to me, Whether you make me cry or laugh, Whether you make me live or die…/…Hoştur bana senden gelen. İster ağlat, ister güldür, İster yaşat, ister öldür…

Nice post nice words nice meaning Semra 🌹




A year is valued by a student who fails his class.
A month by a woman who gives premature birth,
A week by an editor of a weekly magazine,
A day by a soldier waiting to be discharged,
An hour by anybody who is aboutto see of a lover from a railway platform.
A minute is valued by anyone who misses a plane,
A second by anyone who is rescued fromdeath at the last moment,
A split second by anyone who wins a silver medal.
Bir senenin kıymetini sınıfta kalan bilir.
Bir ayın kıymetini erken doğuran kadın,
Bir haftanın kıymetini dergi çıkartan,
Bir günün kıymetini teskere bekleyen asker,
Bir saatin kıymetini sevgilisini uğurlamak üzere peronda oturan bilir.
Bir dakikanın kıymetini uçağını kaçıran,
Bir saniyenin kıymetini ölümden son anda kurtulan,
Bir salisenin kıymetini gümüş madalya alan bilir.


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Monochrome Monday: Children of the Island

Nice to see Monochrome Monday back love black and white photography thanks Indah 🌹

indahs: dive, travel & photography

Whenever traveling to small island for scuba diving, I could not help to feel jealous with the children who live in the island. Their playground is the scuba diver and beach lovers’ paradise: white sand beach and beautiful ocean. These two children I met in one of Papua’s islands were the lucky ones to enjoy the paradise as their daily playground. Who needs television or play-station when you have beautiful beaches and sea to spend your day 🙂

Last month I was absence in posting Monochrome Monday images, thus I am planning to post it on weekly basis again this month. If you are a monochrome photography lover or regularly posting monochrome images, please join me by submitting your monochrome posts. The idea is to host a weekly  “link-up party” but only for monochrome photography posts.

The link up will be powered by InLinkz. However I am not sure if…

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Great post as usual Jinx x just 💕 the picture as well ♠️