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Casa care adăposteşte gânduri • Editura Excelsior Art


Alo? Eşti tu, iubito?
Sunt eu, cel cu-ntrebările multe
Născute seara când stăteam liniştit
Cu capul la tine în poală
Ascultând ce frumoasă e lumea
Din gura ta mică,
Şi fragedă,
Şi clar conturată de tuşele
Cu nuanţe de mov trase
De soarele-apunând pe faţa ta.
Mai ştii
Cum ne-am sărutat pentru prima dată
În răcoarea acelei nopţi de august
Cu sute de greieri şi
Genele tale lungi şi negre
Ca nişte căngi înfipte
Adânc în obrajii mei?
Ce bine era
Să-ţi respir răsuflarea,
Să-ţi muşc pletele blonde –
Să te simt lângă mine!
Mă-ntrebi de-s fericit,
Fericit departe de tine,
Departe de pilea ta fragedă
Cu sclipiri arămii
Şi cu iz îmbătător de iubire?
Poate c-am uitat
Iubirea noastră şi frunzele prinse
În pletele-ţi blonde…
Poate c-am uitat răcoarea acelei nopţi de august…

din volumul Zbor spre lacrimile soarelui, Alexandru-Ioan Cânda, Editura Excelsior Art, 2014

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Fathers Day

It’s good to talk and to get to know your dad – l never really knew my dad l was not an orphan or adopted but he never really talked to me and l lost him at the age of 30 and felt really alone for a long time – many unanswered questions. But now l feel like you l accept him for who he was and the tiny good memories of when he smiled. Have a great Father’s Day 🌷


It was lovely to see all the families picnicking along the waterfront today. Celebrating and paying homage to the special man in their lives.

Fathers day 2015

I did not come from the seed of the man I call my father. His blood line does not flow through my veins yet I am closer to him than his own offspring. If you have read my Bio then you would know that I am adopted.

Dad was my world when I was a little girl. He would take me for rides through the country side on the back of his motorbike. We would go sailing together and may hours I would spend sitting, watching him build things in his man cave. We didn’t talk. In some respects we were very alike. There was no need for conversation. We just enjoyed each others presence.

My father can be quite aloof. My mother would describe him…

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Wind = Fun

Never done this personally l was scared to death by my PE teacher when l was learning to swim and he pushed my head under the water so never took up water sports. Looks great fun 😀


Smashing it up on Bramble Bay in Queensland, Australia this afternoon. I love when I pull out the long lens and the kite surfers are more than happy to put on a show. These guys are fearless risking life and limb to pull off some gnarly moves.  I love this urban dictionary meaning “Gnarly is when you’ve gone beyond radical, beyond extreme, it’s balls out danger, & or perfection, & or skill or all of that combined.” I’m pretty sure that these guys have their balls firmly tucked away safely in their wetsuits.

Kite surfer

Setting my camera to sports mode, continuousness shooting, my memory card was full in no time.  500 odd shots taking in Raw + 5184 x 3456  I forgot to check my settings.  I should have shot in jpeg only which would have allowed me to rip out more shots.

I must get some fluidicthought business cards make…

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How is your testosterone levels?

It is amazing what side affects on drugs cause other problems Kristin glad to here you are back to your old self and firing on all cylinders again. 🌹


Women need small amounts of testosterone as part of the mix of hormones that keep mood, energy levels, sex drive, and bodily functions working smoothly.

As we know, our hormone levels get all messed up as we push towards mid-life. Women experience symptoms like hot flushes, night sweats, cranky pants, tiredness and low libido. Many doctors prescribe Hormone Replacement Therapy however very few check women’s testosterone levels and in some cases the HRT “lady hormones” prescribed don’t seem to help.

I was prescribed HRT but it didn’t help me at all and with it came a whole new set of horrible symptoms. The big warning on the packet “this may cause cancer” also concerned me so after a few months I threw them in the bin.

With a bit of research on my behalf, I noted that many of my symptoms coincided with low testosterone levels. I called the Testo-clinic

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En wij zijn terug ‘en route’….

The Park

Nice story Holly does this relate to you or someone you know – it’s deep yet meaningful that is why l asked ? 🌹

euphemism (Artists4Peace)

Nice post and nice words Holly 🌷