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Souldier Girl

I burn to run

…Straight to you

My desire spreads like a wildfire

And I am being torched alive

The wind carries my ashes

…once fingertips

Covering your darkness

Cloaking you in shadows bliss

Placing feeling where I wish I could be

Being kissed by my ferocious breeze

Through time and destiny

Twisted tales of tortured beings

Somehow managed to converge …and be

A curse to feel yet a gift to me!




As my body melts into water

Sucked up by a quenching sun

Raining a universe away

To the place where you stand

For you to feel me

Once again

Even if it is just as a raindrop

…on your hand

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Souldier Girl

My grief is knotted up in my stomach…

Pressing and swelling

Kicking and burning
Constantly reminding

My grief is tangled in my head

Aching and spinning

Pretending you are not dead

Constantly pounding

My grief is sticking in my throat

Memories will never go

Tears that burn to be known

Regurgitating and swallowing

Constantly haunting

My grief is in my eyes

Swollen and lifeless

Closed with no brightness

Constantly clouding

My grief is in my entire being

Sore and exhausted

Empty and devastated

Constantly reaching

My grief is black and blue

Bruised and broken without you

My grief is red and dark

Life is dull with no sparks

My grief is white

A colorless life

Limping toward tomorrow

Thinking maybe you will be there

Or I will be


My grief is a sea of seven stages

Constantly flowing

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