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Great post Rebecca 👌I have a theory about Happiness l would like to share and the operative word is share – l set up friends news to share my followers posts and then soon became friends by sharing their posts then something amazing happened by me sharing their words they became greater writers – oh no not because l shared but because l cared. Now imagine a world where we all gave not money but love because when we share we care and when care we share our love of writing, photography, music and art but most of all when we reblog someone’s post we share our love for their hard work.

Are you going to Gibraltar Fair?

Nieuw luik… New shutter…

Emmanuel Schotte Manuscripten

Academie verlof voorbij, nog één jaar te gaan, mijn zevende jaar, het tweede specialisatie en eindwerk

Academy holidays are over, to go one year, my seventh year, the second specialization and making a final project


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Power Plant Cajun and the Hatchet Man

Power Plant Men

Originally Posted August 30, 2013:

During the 18 years I worked as an electrician at the coal-fired Power Plant in North Central Oklahoma, we often had contractors working from our shop. I have mentioned that from the moment that I first entered the electric shop the first day I was an electrician, one of the first two people I met was a contract electrician. (See the post: “New Home in the Power Plant Electric Shop“).

Gene Roget (pronounced, “Row Jay” with a soft J) was originally from Louisiana.

A Cajun I found on Google Images that slightly resembles Gene Roget A Cajun I found on Google Images (this is actually the actor Shia Lebeouf) that slightly resembles Gene Roget

Gene had spent the first 10 to 12 years of his adult life as a construction electrician. Charles Foster told him to be my mentor. At first Gene was shocked to find out that instead of hiring him to be a…

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Great potion number 9 and nice post Jinx x ❤️ The world changed last night and everything as it was began the countdown to the 23/09/2015 at 9.10 GMT as it is ⏰ If you ask me how l know l was told in dream 30 years ago that the worlds destiny would begin to be fulfilled upon that day🌝🌚

“Positive” discrimination is not positive

Pertinent Problems

Positive discrimination, or as many call it, affirmative action (AA) has been the subject of many a debate for what seems to have been time immemorial. In the United States, AA was originally set up in 1961 by President Kennedy to:

“take affirmative action to ensure that applicants are employed, and employees are treated during employment, without regard to their race, creed, color, or national origin.”

In this article I will look at the effects of Affirmative Action in the USA (particularly in higher education) and whether other alternatives should be explored to best benefit the minorities AA seeks to empower.

An extensive UCLA study which looked at the effectiveness of applying racial preferences at law schools concluded that:

If the findings in this Article are correct, blacks are the victims of law school programs of affirmative action, not the beneficiaries.

Some of the points made were as follows:

  • Generally, around fifty…

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Amazing Thailand welcome!

Feel Me 

Gorgeous and inspiring writing here as well

Souldier Girl

I burn to run

…Straight to you

My desire spreads like a wildfire

And I am being torched alive

The wind carries my ashes

…once fingertips

Covering your darkness

Cloaking you in shadows bliss

Placing feeling where I wish I could be

Being kissed by my ferocious breeze

Through time and destiny

Twisted tales of tortured beings

Somehow managed to converge …and be

A curse to feel yet a gift to me!




As my body melts into water

Sucked up by a quenching sun

Raining a universe away

To the place where you stand

For you to feel me

Once again

Even if it is just as a raindrop

…on your hand

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Beautiful words as always added to your magazine here as well

Souldier Girl

My grief is knotted up in my stomach…

Pressing and swelling

Kicking and burning
Constantly reminding

My grief is tangled in my head

Aching and spinning

Pretending you are not dead

Constantly pounding

My grief is sticking in my throat

Memories will never go

Tears that burn to be known

Regurgitating and swallowing

Constantly haunting

My grief is in my eyes

Swollen and lifeless

Closed with no brightness

Constantly clouding

My grief is in my entire being

Sore and exhausted

Empty and devastated

Constantly reaching

My grief is black and blue

Bruised and broken without you

My grief is red and dark

Life is dull with no sparks

My grief is white

A colorless life

Limping toward tomorrow

Thinking maybe you will be there

Or I will be


My grief is a sea of seven stages

Constantly flowing

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