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An elderly Native American was sitting in front of his hut with his grandchild, watching two dogs that were brawling a short distance away. One of the dogs was white, the other black and ever since the twelve year old child could remember, they had been brawling in front of his grandfather’s hut.

They were two big dogs that his grandfather always kept in view and by his side. The child wanted to know why there were two, since one would have been enough to protect the hut and why one was white and the other black. So he asked his grandfather. The old chief smiled wisely and patted his grandchild’s back. “They are like two symbols to me,” he said. “Symbols of what?” asked the child. “The symbols of good and evil. Good and evil continuously fight inside me, just like these two dogs. Whenever I watch them, I think of this. That is why I keep them by my side.” At this point the child thought, if there is a fight, there should be also a winner and he added one more to the endless number of questions, so typical of
children. “Well, who do you think will win this struggle?” The wise chief looked at this grandchild with a deep smile and said: “Which one? The one I feed best!”



Yaşlı Kızılderili reisi kulübesinin önünde torunuyla oturmuş,az ötede birbiriyle boğuşup duran iki köpeği izliyordu. Köpeklerden biri beyaz, biri siyahtı ve on iki yaşındaki çocuk kendini bildi bileli o köpekler dedesinin kulübesi önünde boğuşup duruyorlardı. Dedesinin sürekli göz önünde tuttuğu,yanından ayırmadığı iki iri köpekti bunlar. Çocuk, kulübeyi korumak için biri yeterli gözükürken niye ötekinin de olduğunu, hem niye renklerinin illa da siyah ve beyaz olduğunu anlamak istiyordu artık.

O merakla sordu dedesine. Yaşlı reis, bilgece bir gülümsemeyle torununun sırtını sıvazladı.“Onlar” dedi, “benim için iki simgedir evlat.” “Neyin simgesi”diye sordu çocuk. “İyilik ile kötülüğün simgesi. Aynen şu gördüğün köpekler gibi, iyilik ve kötülük içimizde sürekli mücadele eder durur. Onları seyrettikçe ben hep bunu düşünürüm. Onun için yanımda tutarım onları.” Çocuk, sözün burasında,mücadele varsa, kazananı da olmalı diye düşündü ve her çocuğa has bitmeyen sorulara bir yenisini ekledi: “Peki, sence hangisi kazanır bu mücadeleyi?” Bilge reis, derin bir gülümsemeyle baktı torununa: “Hangisi mi evlat? Ben hangisini
daha iyi beslersem!”


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In  secret gardens

amid  coiled serpents,

shimmering snakes

wind wreaths of vines,

thyme, and coriander

garland for her hair

glows in the glimmer

of forgiving stars.

Longing for salt wind and

fire wheels of islands

whispers of desire summon

her there.

In that moment of yearning,

banished from the garden,

she discovers the penance

of loneliness.

Milton’s Paradise Lost

Well done! The Nigerian Government is paying attention to Education for Internally Displaced Children

Great news 👌

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I must commend the Nigerian Government which has been taking great strides to improve the living and economic conditions of INTERNALLY DISPLACED PERSONS (IDP’s) in the country’s North. The United Nations put the number of persons displaced by Boko Haram activities In the country at about 1.5 million. Since the new government of President Muhammadu Buhari came into power, he has made the plight of the IDP’s one of his priorities. The Vice President, Prof Yemi Osibanjo has also visited some camps for Internally Displaced People in order to learn about their plight firsthand.


The Nigerian Government is also seeing to it that the internally displaced children get an education. Mobile classrooms were installed at the Dalori Internally Displaced Persons camp in Maiduguri, Borno state today September 29th.



Kudos to the Nigerian Government!

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Just love this post reminds me so much of where Americans truly originated from in US and places like Manhatten being home to the Red Indian how times change. 🌹

FEATURED: ‘ Soldier Girl News: ‘ Her Name…Determination’

***Thank you Megan 

I want to be a flapper

A symbol of celebration
Dancing in the face of discrimination
Whistle and toot my way into freedom
Among the feast of governing isolation
Change my name 
Change my destination
Opportunity runs in the opposite way of the oncoming 
set my sights and continue to 
raise them
My eyes embrace a culture devoid of opposition
A deflating rigid system
Baptized into the ocean of 
born again
Frolicking with you into the sun 
Where good times stick like honey
…to a happiness that never ends 

Christine aka stine1 on Fancy

Thanks for visit and link to a First Design in related posts regards Ian

Zizzling Zazzle - Christine aka stine1 designing print-on-demand gifts

Fancy.com is an interesting social shoppingwebsites a bit similar to maybe Wanelo wlthough it does look a lot different. You can even get cash in return for buying through their website but honestly, I have no idea how that works.

Anyway, it is a great website to share your products although you need to be VERY careful with spam. Do not add one than one product per day or better: one product per week. My first account got banned for spamming and now I am very rarely sharing to them.

My profile on Fancy can be found here:

Christine aka stine1 on Fancy

They do have a bookmarklet for your browser which is easy to use, you can create your Fancy account with Facebook, Google or Twitter in just a few seconds. I follow back all who follow me 🙂

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Storia illustrata

Storia illustrata

Storia illustrata

Storia illustrata

Wordless Wednesday

Nice photos Kristin 🌷



Storm Chaser 2Storm ChaserStorm Chaser 1Rain on the Water


After the StormPhotographs taken on 29/9/15 from Woody Point, Queensland, Australia.

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