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Indie Adda

well, I am overusing my internet connection it seems so I thought that I will create an id cum blog to read and write, but I forgot the nightmare I went through when I just shifted to Hyderabad, surfing through the best one of indian mobile networks I think Vodafone, well if that was nightmare then surfing through airtel is simply hell.

It lets me read when it feels extremely gallant but does not lets me open or post comments on the posts, very rarely, once in a blue moon it allows that delight, and I try to utilize that but you know we are not monkeys that will keep climbing the oil bathed stick just because there is a fruit basket on the top! We will just give up after a few tries! So, I will be back after this connection is fully up, which I hope is tomorrow…

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Într-o altfel de seară

Thanks for all your visits and like regards Ian 👌

Casa care adăposteşte gânduri • Editura Excelsior Art


Intru într-o altfel de seară
săracă în evenimente
ușor ursuză
parcă prea matură
nehotărâtă în a lăsa deschis
a închide canalul de comunicare
cu lumea supradimensionată a imaginarului
a măștilor din alte măști desprinse

pot părăsi casa
sau să repet ultimul joc pierdut
însușindu-mi rolul fals
de oaspete în parte așteptat

rămân o noapte

aștept umbra zilei trecute
să deschidă ușa prin care să mă avânt
în noaptea ce plutește grațios
spre mine…

din volumul Capcane, Corina Victoria Sein, 2014

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Casa care adăposteşte gânduri • Editura Excelsior Art

george FILIP


am nişte doruri, mai ascălâmbe.
la pun pe rana ta – balsam.
Femeie: clipe năsărâmbe
am rumegat şi-ncă mai am.

dar m-am tocmit cu Heracleia
să-mi spună taina din cutează
şi mi-a mărturisit: femeia
prin dragosrte… te-nveninează.

mi-am pus uitarea în potire
şi-am dus-o-n târg, s-o ia hamalii
şi toţi m-au înjurat – din fire
ştiau ce-s… cele saturnalii.

m-am sprijinit pe mîna dreaptă,
cu care beau şi scriu poeme
şi muza mi-a şoptit: aşteaptă,
nu-i prea târziu… dar nici de vreme…

m-am dus la stadion – ca omul,
sperând să îmi găsesc vreun rost
şi-n zodii mi-am citit atomul:
scria indescifrabil… PROST!

ultima dzi de august – 2015,
pe la Montreal

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Rollover Sunday Number 5!

Time to start telling the world about these great Sunday rollovers mate and your magazines adding it friends where else but here


They say curiosity killed the cat but the reason why cats are curious is because they want to know what’s going on that is why God gave them none lives – so what does that say for me. 🐱 Meow
PS added a post about moons earlier would appreciate your professional opinion when you have Jinx x 💕

4 Blood Moons to occur on Jewish Feast Days between April 15th-September 28th

Interesting news and views on these events gratefully received by me or my friend and colleague Shauny

Redcliffe Kite Festival 2015

Nice post Kristin 👌


I had planned to attend some of the activities over the weekend but being the end of the month, I was drowning in paperwork and spent the weekend at my desk instead.

I did manage to take a quick break and snap some of the Aerobatic Display from my balcony.

Kites behind Kite Kites behind Kite

I was having trouble reconciling the accounts. My head was full of numbers (and perhaps some Bundy rum consumed the night before). Sometimes the numbers fall into place and I reconcile the accounts first go. Other times (like today) an account just wont balance out and for the life of me I can’t work out what’s gone wrong. It’s times like this it’s best to walk away, take a break and come back with a clear head. So I played around with Photoshop for 20 minutes and came up with this creation.

Air Show

This is the original photograph

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Article: 4 Money-Saving Ways to Add Style and Function to Your Yard

4 Money-Saving Ways to Add Style and Function to Your Yard


Ace Worldwide News


It was fabulous as is your post but we had a mist in the UK around the corona nice post Jinx xoxo