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I have done that published instead of draft I now schedule before typing to prevent that happening regards Ian

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It happened once again. I was writing a post, had to go out, and obviously hit the “publish” button instead of the “safe draft” button.

Let me read what I have written down.

I’m feeling a little sad today. As you know, I am trying to sell my share of this building, one-ninth, but the co-owners of the building are sending away prospective buyers who may need to take a mortgage. In this building, if a co-owner fails to pay his or her mortgage, making payments becomes the responsibility of the other co-owners. That can be changed.

One must protect oneself, but should a co-owner not be able to pay his or her mortgage, one simply finds a new co-owner because the bigger problem is not being able to sell one’s share. Some of the co-owners of this building are very old. What will they do when they can no longer carry the groceries up three flights of stairs? The…

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