Every soul will taste death…./….Her can ölümü tadacaktır…./….The Noble Qur’an [21:35]

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The legendary tennis player and Wimbledon winner Arthur Ashe was about to die of AIDS. He was receiving thousands of letters from his fans all over the world. In one, a fan said: “Why has God chosen you for such aterrible illness?” Arthur Ashe replied as following: “Allover the world, 50 million children begin to play ten-nis, 5 million learn to play tennis, 500,000 learn pro-fessional tennis, 50,000 participate in competitions,5,000 reach the major tournaments, 50 get to play at Wimbledon, 4 reach the semi finals, 2 reach the finals.When I was holding the trophy, I did not ask God “Why me?” So today that I’m in pain why should I say “Why me?

Happiness makes one soft. Hardship gives one strength. Sorrow makes one insane. Defeat makes one humble. Success makes one sparkle, but only God enables us to pursue our path. Never ask God “Why me?”… Whatever will…

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